Port Updates (Mini Event Related)

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Port Updates (Mini Event Related)

Postby Stormdragon on Wed Feb 20, 2019 12:08 am

::The message left for Ellyssa and Ray`el both, written on parchment::

Lord Ray`el/Commander (each titled respectively),

I wanted to update you on the damaged merchant ship that limped into port while under attack. I've reviewed the cargo manifest and verified it against what was present an on board once safely moored. There were some items missing, and according to the surviving crew..it was all taken at sea and put aboard a second pirate vessel. The items of import that were thieved are as follows:

Coffee, Exotic (1 barrel). Destination: Lord Ray`el, Thallis Keep.
Silks and Textiles, Exotic (2 crates). Destination: Emperor's Palace
Currency, Mehrial. Distant land currency. (1 coffer, approximate value total: 3000 weight)

So as you can both see...some exotic coffee destined for the Lord of the Port was taken. Silks and textiles for the Palace, and whatever coin and currency had been amassed so far. The pirates will likely be selling the cargo at foreign ports for elevated price, or using it in trade with other pirate groups. The vessel's route and schedule was also taken.

To the best of my knowledge, the captured pirates haven't been questioned yet. Perhaps they will have some more intel.

The repairs to the ship are completel. The stone dock should be completed tomorrow. If so, I will reopen it for traffic. Do not hesitate to contact me further if needed. It's why I am here, afterall.


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