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Thallis Rumors

Postby Ray`el on Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:32 pm

this Post will be first of many rumors. ANYONE in thallis can update this. anyone can updated the rumors. they do not often always have be true. this is to convey information, make fun or do plots

First set of rumors

The Lady of the castle apparently found a new guard and had a argument about him raping and beating a woman so far that healer said she be damaged. The Lady Naomh and the man had a huge fight which resulted in the woman beating the man down in-front of the guards and firing him.

Another rumor is the same guard was dragged back out in-front the night then day guards both. doing the same action twice, where the moriel beat him half to death both times. Never using magic. and saying the next guard touches his wife in violence, or lets it happen this will seem a nice thing. Oddely he said he did not mind gang bangs of her.

the poor man then could be heard screaming in shame and pain in the dungeon for hours
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