Custom Order for Lindor

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Custom Order for Lindor

Postby Daimyon on Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:19 am

Lindor would like her IoP, a resurrection gem, mounted to her mithril circlet.

Gem Description: Tiny, tear-drop shaped crystal, clear, like a prism.

Charged 20 mhl for the work. The mounting bracket can be made from the mithril etched out of the circlet to make the space for the gem. Gave time of 3 days for the work to be done as it would require a mithril smith.

Paid in Full.
[18:44] <+Lindor|Kain|> !money sub 20 mhl
[18:44] <@Desdaemona> *transaction* Lindor subtracted 20 mhl 0 cop

To be picked up on the 27th or later.
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