Razuna/Mercury Drak/ Shaman

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Razuna/Mercury Drak/ Shaman

Postby Eternity on Thu Dec 11, 2014 2:22 am

The Elder Dymante was not happy. She was bored, her children have gone out and did what they needed but one was like another it seemed. It was time to make a change to her creations. She had her male drak sen and her female drak sen. Occasionally fighting her but never in any new ways.

The Great dragon stirred in the dragon realms her thoughts restless like the ever liquid mercury she occasionally played with. Slowly she thought on the mineral and it's flowing and changing attitude, breaking apart before joining once again. Maybe this would be the base for her new creation. And so she set about the task of dragons, creating a new being from her mind and the dreams and nightmares that surrounded her area and brought back by her other creations.

Slowly the form took shape, another female for everyone knew they were more driven by emotion. As she created her she filled the growing form with the nightmares she had collected. Eying the female she smiles. Gracing the females back was a set of duel wings, the top larger then the smaller trailing ones along her side, much like a butterfly. The tail slipping from the females tailbone above her buttocks, oh gleaming so with the characteristics of mercury until it was perfect for her final frame.

The dragon let the creation rest for awhile contemplating it over time in no rush with this one. Something seemed to be missing with it, it had a perfectly desirable female frame, but that wasn't what she was stirring with this one.

One day as she drifted her tail over the female an idea came to her and she cried out in glee. Oh the perfect challenge for this one. This would entertain her for many decades with challenges. The tail moved between the girls legs and with a few words, male genitalia grew over that hidden female sex. Oh the challenges for this one ahead, a tormented female brain with a body part that would show any excitement. This one would not be as sex driven as her other volatile children seemed to have become. This one would have to hide herself or fear retribution from outsiders, that is what she drove into the females brain the nightmares of rape if she openly and willingly exposed herself to everyone she met.

Dymante continued to think of her creation her special dream. She had guaranteed the girls secrecy from others but there was one thing she had to deal with. A problem that had occurred with a couple of her males. And then an idea: a curse. She would know of the curse before hand to make her think before doing such. The first time the Dream would dare to take an innocent forcefully, she would be driven to keep them close for all time. Oh such a delicious punishment for the transgretion. It will make her think before she dared to do such again.

Once she was sure all the memories and thoughts she needed were in place, Dymante woke her creation and dressed her appropriately making sure she had enough knowledge to survive in the area she would send her to.

Looking at the Drak Sen with a smile she speaks "now child you are to go to Nanthalion and Valencia and keep me informed of anything happening in the area." looking the girl over who obediently curtsied to her Dragon "Yes Elder as you wish" her voice quiet with newness. Dymante nodded "very well you will be named Razuna, my own sweet secret one."

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