Liel whitewinged Torian mage

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Liel whitewinged Torian mage

Postby Rida_Cherryglade on Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:21 pm

Liel has lived most of her life alone. It's been a lonely upbringing for her, as she and her parents were cast out from the rest of the clan as soon as she was born. It was seen as a bad omen to birth someone with a deformity like her. The fact that they both had been white of wing didn't stop them from viewing them as unlucky. That fate had abandoned them, in a way. So they were turned into
exiles, and well, that didn't exactly tempt her parents to try for another child; it'd be just another mouth to feed, and the risk of getting another freak was always there in the back of their minds.
So Liel was a lone child to two parents who viewed her as the sole reason they were cut off from their own family and clan. They taught her to hide what made her different, ingrained it to her very core in hopes that they could return to them at some point. But that was never achieved. So they lived in a village founded by humans and Liel did her very best to not draw attention to herself even
from her own parents. So she lurked on the streets most of her days and spent time on the rooftops, earning her the nickname Pigeon amongst the street urchins. They assumed her to be just like them which did make things easier for her as she had some playmates. Her parents were happy not to see her for most of the day too.. her mother was worst but her father still had some latent love for her...
perhaps out of guilt.
She ran from home when she heard her mother crying during the night.. beging for her father to simply kill her or toss her out for good. She was sixteen years old when she ran and it was a dark tough time after that.. it took two years of begging and wandering streets and dirt roads until she found a place amongst the traveling caravans of the Amahil people; it was easy to disappear amongst a
crowd like that so colourful and she kept her secret well hidden trusting no one with it and whilst living in the road that was easy.
However that wasn’t enough for her.. she wanted a place to belong to so she applied to a small arcane academy and got enrolled showing promise but never really showing off all she could do, too scared of drawing atention to herself. She spent her time studying there, developing her abilities, and it became a place were she could set down some form of roots again gaining some confidence but
sticking to the shadows and she was happy with that. Of course things didn’t last as one of the teachers saw her whilst washing herself. She was five semesters in and she didnt even wait to see if there was any alarm or concern raised; she was gone before the sun fell going back to wandering the streets and she still does just that
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