Freelancers Post worklogs, and deliveries here!

Work logs for Northern Port, Virelith

Freelancers Post worklogs, and deliveries here!

Postby StormWind on Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:00 pm

If you have work for the outpost of Virelith, be it hunting, brewing, butchery, whatever, post it in the standard way below...

one post per character please, just edit them as you go!
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Kiria work in the Gardens

Postby Sha`Ruse on Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:36 pm

Kiria had read the parchment about needing Gardeners at the Keep, and immediately went to the Bazaar to get some seeds so she can get them to grow at the Keep. While she was remaining there, per Lord Sorgrams orders, she could put her abilities to good use. She was in her room getting ready for gardening and would get her layers on before moving to the door of her room and slips out into the hallway and heads down the stairs and to outside. She hurried through the freezingness and was quickly upon one of the greenhouses. Once inside she would pull out the seeds and started to get to work planting. It would take her most of the day to get all the greenhouses planted and watered, but she finally did it and smiles to herself. Standing, she would put her hands on her hips and nods at the gardens before her and smiles. "Soon, there will be sprouts and soon then there will be flowers then food.... I just hope they can wait out for that long." She said and would begin to put her layers back on to remove herself from the greenhouse and heads to move back to the warmth of the keep, knowing that the crops would be safe in there until she could tend to the next.
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