Asking for help.

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Asking for help.

Postby Marren on Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:26 am

Lots of ya know me as Eolande, cruel elven necromancer. Not a bunch of ya know anything about me away from here though. I've lost my job recently and while I'm taking steps necessary to fix that and find employment, rent is coming due rather soon.
This is odd, isn't it? Asking for help from a gaming community? Yea I guess it is... but the fact is I don't really have family I can ask for help, and almost all of my friends are actually from this gaming community. So, I guess here I am, asking the only people I know. My phone is also due, like it should be turning off any minute now, so I'll be away until I can fix that. So the request:
I need help to pay my phone, and rent. It's not pretty, but there it is. I've got a PayPal account, and I'll put the link below. I'm asking for help from the community, not individuals. Anything given will be greatly appreciated, and paid back the moment I can manage it. I really don't like asking for help at all, and it makes me feel like a bum doing this, but again.. your the only people I really know. Every little bit helps, and I'm not asking for huge amounts... just whatever can be spared to help.
Thanks very much,
Jesse, player of Eolande Keita, Marren,

My PayPal link is:
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Re: Asking for help.

Postby Adonai on Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:14 pm

If i had any to spare i would bud, wish you luck in this.
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