A tale of banditry prevented!

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A tale of banditry prevented!

Postby Rebecca of Valaris on Thu Mar 01, 2018 12:57 am

Rebecca was -most- pleased. Being the Blood Rose had so far been frightfully dull. No gals to boff, no Lord to twist around her finger (although not for want of trying on both counts!) and riches were .....not forthcoming. She suspected Sha-Ka's coinpurse was either rusty from lack of use or a retirement home for gentile moths...

That may be as it may, what was causing her broad beam of a smile was her apprehension of the two thieves on the outskirts of her Lords territory. It had been a hard chase and thank crikey she had her own followers with her to assist. Well, at least they were dependable.

It was a bonus they were both gals of course. Well, perks of the job had to taken where they could be found, no? And so it was with slightly more than a sense of duty and with a certain hint of malice that the former criminals known as Cerise and Whadasay were loaded into the back of a wagon. The latter had been most problematic and Rebecca was minded to make that girl -really- pay for the trouble she had caused. And to make matters worse it was getting dark and Rebecca wanted back in the Castle to keep an eye on things!

"Right gals," she says to her followers ".. I want them tied up and drunk if poss. Will make it easier for me...them on the way back, what?" She gets some blank looks from her followers as they try to comprehend for they were innocent gals at heart.

"Look, it's rally verah simple...I want..." and for some reason she feels the urge to break into song, although thankfully resists...

"Cerise bound and down, loaded up for fucking,
We're gonna do Whadasay up the bum.
We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there.
But with Cerise bound, you can watch some candid fun"

*gets her coat*
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