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Re: Ask A-Team About Anything (A.A.A.A) + Fun Trivia

Postby Hashmulan on Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:10 pm

Ray`el wrote:if any of you and your team mates could change races. and not be the race of yourself or any team mate. what races would you choose for you and them?
Image"Awww, really? But... Catfishie! It's right there! Airy definitely thinks she votes for that! Airy loves kitties and catfishies! Kekekek! Nowww, about a Lady Abby... Well, Airy think she'd go with... Dwarf! Lady Abby seems real fond of them, and they were her family! So maybe it'd be nice if she could be like her family! That's what Airy thinks, anywaysss!"
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