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Postby Twerlinger on Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:50 pm

As it appears that its hard to understand the limits for the amount of properties that people are allowed to own, I'm going to try and make it clear and simple to avoid any and all confusion from this point on.

There is a limit to the amount of land ON MAP that a character may possess. This is as follows
2 plots of land in Nanthalion and 1 plot of land in Valencia, or 2 plots of land in Valencia and 1 plot of land in Nanthalion. Co-owning still counts as 1 plot.
Regardless of how many plots of Nanthalion or Valencia are owned, only 1 plot of Sha`Shir is allowed.
In-Town Plots count as one of your Nanthalion entitlement
You may, in addition to the above, hold ownership of upto 3 plots of land OFF MAP.
ON MAP properites may include 1 item of Housing for every full 2 acres in size that the plot is.

This means you can have.. as follows

2 plots in Nanthalion (This is In town and on the map land) and 1 in Valencia
1 plot in Sha`Shir
3 plots of Off the Map Land


2 plots in Valencia and 1 plot in Nanthalion (This is In town and on the map land)
1 plot in Sha`Shir
3 plots of Off the Map Land

Currently I am aware of the discrepancy between the 2 pages of the REB website, and I am trying to fix this to be updated as soon as it is possible. That fix might include updating the limits for one area or the other, it depends on what is agreed.

To make it clear, these are the limits you can hold. You can't be at the limit, buy another plot of land and try and sell one of yours to someone else, you may only have property that adheres to one of the two options above at this moment in time.
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