Looking for original character artwork

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Looking for original character artwork

Postby Ithilwen on Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:52 pm

I'm currently looking for some one to do original artwork of my characters Ithilwen Moonshadow and Elve. A part of this is I'm curious if the physical description is enough to get a mental image of the character.

Ithilwen Moonshadow description

Notes on Ithilwen's sense of fashion:

Fashion of Choice: clothing of simple design but exquisite making. Clothes that use the finest textiles and beautiful weaving in their designs, but have simple cuts and measurements. She finds clothing shouldn’t need showy flourishes.

Ithilwen Background notes: A half breed sylvian water mage in training who leans towards ice magic. Currently works as a bar tender for the lonely inn.


Elve background: a half breed moriel mage who is in training to be a seductress came to the surface and willing put on the lonely inn slave collar.

I'm leaving style of the artwork up to the artist, along with the theme and scenario of the piece. So its the artist choice to include clothing or the lack of clothing. Both safe for work and none safe for work art is allowed.
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