Looking for slaves

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Looking for slaves

Postby Naomh on Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:19 pm

Several of my characters are either looking for, or are open to the idea of owning, slaves.

OOCly I'm looking for players who understand that I'm busy and have my focus divided out among multiple characters, and isn't planning on interactions with me being their sole RP. Makes me feel guilty when someone is sitting waiting to play with me when I either don't have the time just then, or had promised RP time with someone else, yanno?

If you're interested, shoot me a PM over IRC or a MB PM, please do not respond in this thread and we can work something out.

Now, for the characters themselves:
Anaya: My lovely dark torian, of feather, skin and slightly of demeanor. She is dominant and controlling, happiest when having some pretty little thing squirming and begging for more but is only a little forceful. She can push and prod but ultimately want them begging, wanting it even if they are hating themselves for wanting it so. She is also a sadist and any character eager for her collar must have at least a little bit of a masochistic streak in them. Especially buxom, busty beauties as abusing large breasts she takes particular delight in. While she is talented with a whip or flogger, she is still a willowy thing, and is thus a more mental than physical domme.

Anaya is a lesbian through and through, so only looking for women.

While she is open for any and all races for such lovely ladies, Anaya is particularly on the hunt for chirot and light-winged torian.

Naomh: Catfox, foxkit, wife of a noble and overseer of the Thallis port. Naomh is a busy woman and is slowly being coaxed by Ray`el into getting her own slave. While he has tried to take the initiative and get one for her she's been strongly pushing that if she was going to get one, she's going to find one herself. Naomh sexually is a switch and is open to near everything except pain beyond biting (which happens to be one of her favourite kinks, biting or being bit) and spanking. The biggest requirement for a slave for Naomh is one willing to work. The foxkit will be annoyed, at best, by some pretty thing that only wants to lie around and be sexed. Someone wearing her collar is just as likely as spending hours helping out working at her farm as they are having fun times in bed.

While Naomh is open to all genders, she is only looking for a female slave currently.

Must also be willing to be shared and used by her husband Ray`el.

Keani: A mermaid mage, the new headmistress of Unigo. Is obsessed with magic and is not looking for, but is open to, owning a slave. Sexually she has been experimenting a fair bit, but has grown into a bit of a switch herself, light on pain not unlike Naomh and has only dabbled briefly in bondage. While not a requirement, the biggest allure for her would be someone who is not only literate but also enjoys reading and writing. She's a bit more of a playful, light-hearted character who can be serious when needed.

Keani is open to both men and women.

OOCly, I'm oddly amused by the idea of her having a pixie or fae, one a little less troublesome prankster would be strongly preferred, though a bit of fun is certainly welcome. Not required but an added plus.

North: A most buxom of fae and majordomo (house Seneschal) of Kir's house. She is a more serious character, having spent (handwave) long time with high elves before coming to the empire, though she still has a deep playful and erotic side she keeps mostly hidden. She'll be a strict owner out in public, and only somewhat more relaxed behind closed doors. She'll have the highest, strictest expectations of those wearing their collar when it comes to their behaviour and appearance. She leans more towards the dominant side of things, and sexually I'm still getting the feel of so someone who is OOCly open to the mun experimenting a little with her will be welcome.

North is open to owning either gender, though is primarily looking for a man. Big and hunky would be much preferred.

North is also willing to hire a slaver to catch and train someone for her, so if you have a slaver character with some ideas, feel free to contact me for this as well.

Anaya: http://belariath.com/php/char/show_char.php?s_name=Anaya
Naomh: http://belariath.com/php/char/show_char.php?s_name=Naomh
Keani: http://belariath.com/php/char/show_char.php?s_name=Keani
North: http://belariath.com/php/char/show_char.php?s_name=North
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