First reset for Elora

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First reset for Elora

Postby Farvel on Wed Oct 11, 2017 11:36 pm

I'd like to request a reset for Elora, changing her from Healer to Druid, as I think it fits her character and storyline better.

[23:19.18] <Elora> !balance
[23:19.21] --Desdaemona-- Character 'Elora' has 50 Mhl, 0 Cp in hand, 160 Mhl in the bank

[23:21.26] <Elora> !spells
[23:21.29] <Desdaemona> Spell list for Elora: Discern Ailment (Healing:Anywhere - 1), Heal (Healing:Anywhere - 3), Light (Common:OOB - 1).
[23:21.31] <Desdaemona> OOB Spell list for Elora: Sweet Bliss (Common:OOB - 1).

[23:23.36] <Elora> !equip
[23:23.38] <Desdaemona> Equipment list for Elora: tunic, dagger.
[23:23.40] <Desdaemona> ShopItems (* denotes using equip slots) owned by Elora: Belt pouch, Gold Armlet.

[23:24.14] <Elora> !shopitem myitems
[23:24.16] <Desdaemona> Owned ShopItem descriptions
[23:24.18] <Desdaemona> GS: Belt pouch (#44375), Gold Armlet (#44374) (Ench: <warmth>).
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Re: First reset for Elora

Postby Ehlanna on Tue Oct 17, 2017 3:09 pm

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