Sorgram - reset

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Sorgram - reset

Postby Sorgram on Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:20 pm

Due to a miscommunication in requirement for me, I need to do a reset to redo my class progression.

Per Miyuka, should be free.

[14:02] -Desdaemona- Character 'Sorgram' has 13277 Mhl, 2 Cp in hand, 24602 Mhl in the bank.

[13:58] <Sorgram> !equip
[13:58] <Desdaemona> Equipment list for Sorgram: Mithril greaves, mithril vambraces, gambeson, mithril scimitar, mithril chain leggings, robe of the arch magi, mithril dagger, mithril circlet, Large Healing Potion (1 uses), mithril circlet.

[13:58] <Desdaemona> BESTIARY: Mephos*, Wind Walker*.
[13:58] <Desdaemona> Special Items carried by Sorgram: Scale of the Dreamer (IoP Device), Ulvecra's Call (IoP Device), Dreamer's Lash - Mistress, the Bullwhip (Relic Device).
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