2nd Reset - Merek

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2nd Reset - Merek

Postby Merek on Mon Mar 04, 2019 2:18 pm

Redoing classes for concept, thank you!

[16:12] <Desdaemona> Owned ShopItem descriptions
[16:12] <Desdaemona> APOTH: Inhibition Reduction (#41171), Love Potion Number 9 (#41170).
[16:12] <Desdaemona> BA: Silver Piercing (#41575) (Detail: {a silver tongue peircing with a ball end on top.}).
[16:12] <Desdaemona> BESTIARY: Mephos (#45082) (Detail: Female, soft grey).
[16:12] <Desdaemona> GS: 3 Six Inch Candles (#36265), Assorted Enchantable Ink Pot (#36398), Belt pouch(#36393), Cast Iron Cook Pot (#45002), Charcoal Pencils (#36399), Diary (#36406), Eaglefeather Quill (#36400),Fishing Pole and Tackle (#44997), Flint stone and striking iron (#44998), Fur Blanket (#44999), Gold Belly Chain(#45003), Ivory Hair Combs (#36397), Lantern with oil (#36394), Mechanical or Light Oil (#45000), Parchment (#36404), Parchment
[16:12] <Desdaemona> (#36401), Parchment (#36405), Parchment (#36402), Parchment (#36403), Shovel(#45001), Silver Belly Chain (#41418), Silver Collar (#36407), Silver Hair Combs (#41417), Silver Necklace (#41419), Small Empty Vials or Jars (#36396), Small Tent (#36395), Torches (#36264), Wineskin (#36263).
[16:12] <Desdaemona> NB: Belt (#44926) (Detail: black), Boots (#44924) (Detail: black), Cloak (#44923) (Detail: black), Gloves (#44925) (Detail: black), Shirt (#44921) (Detail: black), Trousers (#44922) (Detail: black).

[00:21] --Desdaemona-- Character 'Merek' has 1678 Mhl, 0 Cp in hand, 460 Mhl in the bank.

[16:08] <Desdaemona> ShopItems (* denotes using equip slots) owned by Merek: Shirt, Trousers, Cloak, Gloves,Boots, Love Potion Number 9, Inhibition Reduction, Silver Collar, Silver Necklace, Belt pouch, Flint stone and strikingiron, 3 Six Inch Candles, Lantern with oil, Fur Blanket, Shovel, Parchment (x5), Charcoal Pencils, Eaglefeather Quill, Cast Iron Cook Pot, Fishing Pole and Tackle, Mechanical or Light Oil, Small Tent*, Torches, Wineskin, Assorted
[16:08] <Desdaemona> Enchantable Ink Pot, Diary, Small Empty Vials or Jars, Gold Belly Chain, Silver Belly Chain, Silver Hair Combs, Ivory Hair Combs, Belt, Silver Piercing.
[16:08] <Desdaemona> BESTIARY: Mephos*.

mithril vambraces
mage robe
mithril dagger
iron claw paired
leather armor
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Re: 2nd Reset - Merek

Postby Ehlanna on Tue Mar 12, 2019 5:01 am

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Re: 2nd Reset - Merek

Postby Fiona Sharora on Tue Mar 12, 2019 9:27 pm

Katipo has resold the weapons/armour to Merek from the MMR
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