Suggestion for new Apothecary Item!

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Suggestion for new Apothecary Item!

Postby Amethine on Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:14 pm

So, had this idea for an Apothecary item, and Amethine's been RP'ing trying to create it anyway, so thought I may as well suggest the first draft of it, as per Twerlinger's recommendation to stick it on the MB. So, at least we can all blame him. And uh, apologies if this is in the wrong topic, I'm rather new to forum's in general, never really used them before. So, on that note...

Feline's Caress

This oily blend of herbs has a pale red color and has a light floral scent. When this oil is rubbed into the skin, a mild, pleasantly warm sensation is felt and the affected area becomes much more sensitive to any stimulation, the lightest touch is that much more tingly, tickles are unbearably more potent, scratches and cuts sting much more than normal. This effect it amplified much more on erogenous areas, producing un-imagined pleasure or pain, caution should be advised to prevent addiction to these sensations. Any stabbing or other sensations felt underneath the skin feel normal, this oil only works on the surface it was applied to. This oil could be used as a Healing item to promote circulation in a numbed area, helping the patient to recover faster from a numbing agent or hypothermia. This blend provides no actual healing and only alleviates symptoms. No extra damage will be done physically, but mentally the sensations will feel exaggerated. Each dose can be applied to a small area like a breast or cock & balls, or to patch of skin approx. 2 human-hand palms in size. The effects last till end of scene or for 3 full hours. OOC Consent required for use of such blend. (5 doses)

OOC, this blend is designed to be a more direct version of Duessa's Touch, as it can be applied to only certain areas of the body as opposed to all sensations being increased, while proving to be more potent for erotic purposes. Suggested cost 10 - 15 mhl, should probably be cheaper than Duessa's Touch since that affects the whole body whereas this only affects a specific small area.
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Re: Suggestion for new Apothecary Item!

Postby Lindor on Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:19 pm

* Lindor approves of this *
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