Air Spells (2009 Edition)

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Air Spells (2009 Edition)

Postby Rei-Kai on Fri Nov 17, 2017 10:29 pm

These are unedited from when I first wrote them way back when. Can just use them as a starting point for ideas or rework them as time allows.

Thunder Flash
Level required: 20
Class required: Air Mage

Casting method: ranmagatk
Defending Method: ranphydef

Description: Air Mage x3:

With the power of lightning and command of the Air itself, the Air Mage has learned to combine the two in such a way as to temporarily disable an opponent, to either prepare another spell or sneak away before their enemy has a chance to recover. Calling upon their element, the Aeromancer gathers negatively charged energy in one hand and positively charged in the other. When the Air Mage strikes his hands together, both forces are released at once in an intense burst of light and sound, literally creating a thunderclap with the bright light accompanied by lightning striking. It is designed to both blind and deafen anyone within range of this spell temporarily, enabling the Aeromancer to perhaps escape harm or even gain the upper hand in a battle. It'll certainly leave your ears ringing and seeing spots for a while.

:Mechanics: This spell takes a full turn to prepare before it can be released. One turn to charge and a second to release. If attacked during the preparation of this spell it will be canceled and thus must be started again. Because of the nature of this spell, a !ranmagatk is drawn against a !ranphydef, as the spell is not attacking the body but the senses in an indirect fashion. Basically, defending physically would be covering eyes and ears or escaping the spells range of effect. If the targets fail resistance, then they will be blind and deaf for 1 round for every 3 slots used in the spell, and cannot be affect by the same spell again until after it has worn off. While under the spells effects, defence rolls will be halved and any attacks made suffer as well. Attacks have a 20% chance to miss for ever 3 slots used in the spell for each round. So if 15 slots are used then attack rolls will be reduced by 100% on the first round, 80% on the 2nd, 60% on the 3rd, 40% on the 4th, and 20% on the fifth. If only 3 slots are used then it will only be 20% for that one round. The more slots, the greater the effect will be. The range of the spell is 2ft for every slot in the spell.

Magnetic Bond
Level required: 15
Class required: Air Mage

Casting method: clomagatk
Defending Method: clomagdef

Description: Air Mage x2:

A useful little spell for tripping up an enemy. With power over lightning itself, the Air Mage can gather the energy into their hands and reshape part of its nature to perform a specific task. By using electrical surges the Air Mage can magnetize any metal object he touches, causing quite a bit of problems for whomever is on the receiving end of it. By touching any type of metal armor or weapon, it'll be drawn to the closest metal object, making it quite difficult for a person to move. Such as causing their braces to come together as if chained, or a sword drawn too close to a chestplate and leaving it stuck against their chest. Perhaps even toching upon a persons metal leggings and greaves to draw their legs together. That would most certainly slow them down.

:Mechanics: This spell takes one turn to cast and is performed as a basic clomagatk against a clomagdef. Only one metal object can be touched at a time while the spell is active. If struck, that object will be magnetised for rounds up to the number of slots used in the spell. So if say 10 slots were used it would last 1d10 rounds or until dispelled. That object will be attracted to the closest piece of metal, be it armor or some other piece of equipment. Say if vambraces are stuck together, only way to pull them apart to attack normally is by rolling 1dStr against the casters 1dInt. If the str roll is greater, then the bond is temporarily broken and attack resumes. If lower, then attack roll is halved.

The Four Winds
Level Required 30
Class required: Air Mage x5

Casting Method: ranmagatk
Defending method: ranmagdef

Description: Airmage x5

A very powerful and devastating spell that calls on the four directions of the world; North, South, East, West. The Air Mage creates four spiraling vortexes, one for each direction and each one whirling in those directions, creating an intense force. The concentration and power necessary for this spell is incredible and very few have ever mastered it. With all four tornados gathering strength they are called and converge on a single target upon the Air Mages command. The sheer force of these whirlwinds have been known to tear entire buildings to splinters, and the intent of this spell is to pull and whip the target in all four directions. To be twisted, drawn and pulled in various directions causes much stress on the body and can leave the target in a mangled heap once the spell has passed. But don't be mistaken, the power required for this spell is extensive, and the time needed to prepare can leave the caster vulnerable to assault.

:Mechanics: This spell requires Air Strike 10 and Blown Kiss 10. It is performed as a ranmagatk against ranmagdef at a cost of 2 stamina per slot in the spell. It takes two rounds to cast and if attack during casting, the spell is canceled. Any defence roll made during casting is halved due to the concentration needed to perform the spell. If the caster fails in defence during the casting stage of the spell, he is stunned for one round due to broken concentration and suffers a lost of 5 stamina that can't be regained until the end of battle. Stamina loss will stack if the action is done multiple times in the same battle. This spell can only be performed outdoors in an open area.

Tempestral Winds
Level required: 17
Class required: Air Mage x2

Casting method: ranmagatk
Defending method: ranmagdef

Description: Air Mage x2:

Quite a delightful little spell for Air Mages of a different fancy. Using their power over the element of air he can create a gentle updraft of wind to raise a person off the ground, keeping them from running and pulling away, leaving them helplessly floating in the air under the Air Mages power. Of course it does not do any harm, but can be quite an experience, having someone kept aloft by just the wind alone caressing their body and creating a windy barrier around the person to keep anyone other than the caster from approaching. One can only imagine the possibilities. Perhaps a slave tried to escape, this could be used to punish them by making them unable to flee. As well, with the wind under the control of the Air Mage, it also keeps winged victims from flying away. It is quite a harmless spell, but there are so many delightful ways in which it can be used. It only raises the person a few feet off the ground at best, just so that there are no attempts at any high altitude 'activities'.

:Mechanics: Performed as a basic ranmagatk against ranmagdef. Cost of 1 stam per slot in the spell and lasts up to 1dInt or until canceled or when casters stamina drops to 0. Drains 2 stamina per round to keep in effect. If target fails resistance they are levitated off the ground by the spell and can't leave until released.

Lightning Storm
Level Required: 35
Class Required: Air Mage x5

Description: Air Mage x5:

The peak of power for an Aeromancer, a devastating spell of incredible intensity. Calling upon the full fury of the skies, the Air Mage becomes like a living lightning rod, drawing down continuous bolts and containing the energy within his body, all before unleashing it like a mighty storm in all directions. Dozens of bolts of lightning arc and blaze across the field in a spherical manner, engulfing an area up to 50ft in diameter in an intense electrical storm. It is an overwhelming spell, fierce and devastating, however there is a price to be paid for that power.

:Mechanics: This spell requires Ball Lightning 12

This spells takes up to two full rounds to cast and must remain uninterrupted. For every slot in this spell, 2 Stamina is consumed while casting and if the caster should fail a defense roll during the casting of the spell, not only will the spell be canceled, but the caster will suffer a stam loss equal to the number of slots used in the spell. It is performed as a ranmagat and all within its area of effect must roll a ranmagdef. Should the defender(s) fail, for every 10 points of Int the caster has, the targets will suffer 3 points of damage and an additional 1 point of damage for each pieces of metal armor that is worn (ex. mithril bracers, vambraces, chainmail, etc).
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Re: Air Spells (2009 Edition)

Postby Wadeywade on Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:46 pm

I like some of these at first glance, give me a day to fully read them all over but yes, I think all the spheres need this sprt of branching out.
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Re: Air Spells (2009 Edition)

Postby DiasEesha on Sat Aug 25, 2018 1:44 am

I agree with the general view on everything its quite an interesting spread and I think all the spheres need to have a touch more to them.
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Re: Air Spells (2009 Edition)

Postby Farvel on Sat Aug 25, 2018 8:50 am

Thunder Flash - I like this, but no need for the complex damage rules. Just have the regular penalties for blindness and deathness spells add up.

Magnetic Bond - Way OP. The last thing we need in this game is more ways for mages to make warriors useless.

The Four Winds - Seems like too heavy risk and penalty for a single target, normal damage spell.

Tempestral Winds - I like this very much!

Lightning Storm - Looks like it was implemented by Dev in a different fashion.
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