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New shamanic spell

Postby Ryke Masha on Tue Jan 16, 2018 4:17 am

Spirit teleport

Lvl requirment : 20
Casting method: none
Defending method: none

Description: When a shaman of high enough power makes a spirit they can take a stone with them as a focal point. When the shaman focuses he can enter the ethereal and teleport to his spirit circle using the spirits as guiding light to their spirit circle. Due to the chaotic nature of the spirits the caster of this spell will suffer from a slight insanity from interacting with the spirits on a spiritual level of their being. The effects can have a wide range of effects ranging insomina to having a short temper to feeling like they just started on the path of being a shaman again

Mechanics: When focusing the caster must take two rounds for this spell to go into effect. if the caster is hit then the spell is canceled and the caster must restart. At the end of the second round the caster is teleported to any point within their spirit circle. The spell cost 10 stamina to cast. Due to the nature of the shaman traveling through the ethereal they will suffer a debuff of -5 to their stats for 24 hours of real life time.
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