Submission: Disjointed

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Submission: Disjointed

Postby Marren on Wed Apr 11, 2018 4:02 pm

Necromancer x5
Requirements: umbara key, steel bones x10
Req. Level: 40

Through her intimate knowledge of anatomy and necromancy, the caster is able to manipulate the flesh and bone of her minion. With time, concentration and physical contact with her minion the caster effectively disconnects a bone in the minions body, and draws it to the surface before removing it, using her dark magic to shape the bone into a weapon, and make it hard as steel.

Mechanics: caster must have already completed the ritual to raise their minion, and must touch the minion throughout casting. A clomagatk vs your minions clomagdef (all minions under a necromancers control share 25% of the necromancers stats, so if you only have 1 minion clomagdef@25%. If you have 5, clomagdef@5%) determines success, and the spell takes two full rounds to cast. Costing an immediate 10 stamina to cast, plus 1 for every slot invested in the casting, the weapon crafted from the minions bone can be from dagger sized, to long sword sized, blunt or edged and gains +1 atk modifier per 3 slots invested, to a max of +5. The minion used suffers damage equal to half the number of slots used, round up. If the minion reaches 0 life from this spell it is destroyed in a nova of dark magic, and bestows an additional +1 to the weapons atk modifier. All attacks made with the weapon are clophyatk.
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