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Re: Divine Sphere

Postby Isilindil on Sat Jan 24, 2015 9:55 pm

I would suggest some kind of attack spell, if only simple ranged or close magic type. While clerics are more martial oriented, priest/ess is restricted to A/A on gear and as it is the sphere offers little for them to fend their enemies off.

Could well be also some stronger, priest/ess only spells to separate their power in divine and improve it a bit from that of a clerics.
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Re: Divine Sphere

Postby Balard on Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:35 pm

Isilindil wrote:I would suggest some kind of attack spell, if only simple ranged or close magic type. While clerics are more martial oriented, priest/ess is restricted to A/A on gear and as it is the sphere offers little for them to fend their enemies off.

Could well be also some stronger, priest/ess only spells to separate their power in divine and improve it a bit from that of a clerics.

I would Say for priest/ess maybe x2 a spell called Divine Strike it is a close Magic or long range attack like of the Air Mages palm of Winds but instead of knocking them back and inflicting extra damage it would make them weaker so a lose of stamina based on the amount of times the priest/ess class has been taken so 1 point to a maximum of 5 points the attack can be in the form of a beam of energy coming from either say the hands as a example or from the sky depending on whether you cast it close or cast it at ranged.

Edit: Still Hashing this one out but it would be a Level 1 accessible spell and requires 1 slot a Priest/ess/cleric would cast the spell Divine shield which will add a shimmering barrier in front of the caster it will add +1 to all defense rolls and every time the class is taken it will end up as +1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6 +7 or if you went to advance it would be +5 only the downside this spell can only be cast so many days.
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Re: Divine Sphere

Postby Saqwana Ironfist on Sun Jan 10, 2016 2:53 am

For a healing spell maybe some thing lay on hands that paladins have in dnd. Fairly basic but enough that a cleric can assist if a healer is not present. in effect working on a percentage healing 3% for each x+ cleric level. Also i think shielding hand should stack more so at each x+ cleric level it add a +1 to defense. I think a ranged smite ability could be handy damage starts at 2% and goes up by 2% for each x+ cleric level you have. that is the only suggestions i have.
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Re: Divine Sphere

Postby Valayne on Thu Mar 17, 2016 3:07 pm

As requested, adding my suggestions to this threat for proper placement :D Grammar and spelling issues will be weeded out, sleepy brain just can't make complete heads and nails right now

Blessing of Divine Protection
Level Required: 15
Casting method: clomagatk
Defending method: none
Class required: Priest x2

Calling for their god’s protection, a Priest can shield himself or fellow devotees from harm coming their way, be that through magical or physical means by laying his hand on their shoulders, granting himself or them a bit of his god’s benevolent attention.. A follower of an opposing god may not recieve this blessing however.

MECHANICS:: A standart close magical attack roll is made and it’s result halved, that is the amount of damage the spell can prevent, be that physical or magical in nature. The priest can place this spell on an ally as well, though it is halfed again, meaning it is only at a fourth of the original roll, unless it is a paladin of the same faith, then it is the normal amount. This spell can only be used once per time priest is taken in a single combat and a character might only once benefit from it during that combat. It does not stack with any other shield spells outside of this sphere, but doesn’t replace them. As long as this shield is in place, ignore other spells oft hat nature until the damage shield is overcome by reducing it by damage suffered. If an attack overcomes the shield, all remaining points are suffered as damage to the character’s life. Stamina cost 1 + 1 per slot in the spell.

Divine Gift
Level Required: 20
Casting Method: Other
Defending Method: None
Class Required: Priest x3

Knowing to be in a god’s favour can unshackle a devotee’s inner strength and hidden resources. Their arm feels stronger, their feet move quicker and their body can endure more than they thought possible. By means of this spell the priest’s god grants him or his ally a small blessing, revealing one’s true potential for a short time.

MECHANICS:: By means of this spell, a priest can increase his or one of his allies‘ Strength, Agility or Resilience by 1% per slot used to a maximum of 15%, if cast on a Paladin of the same faith, that amount is doubled. The caster chooses wich stat to enhance. This lasts for 1 round per slot used and costs 1 stamina + slots used. This spell can only be cast once until the duration runs out, so no more than one character can benefit from it. Multiple priests casting it on one target do not stack, nor does this spell stack with any other positive modifiers to a stat.

Divine Intervention
Level Required: 25
Casting method: ranmagatk
Defending method: other
Class required: Priest x4

A strong blessing without doubt, this one calls for a god’s protection rather directly. By engulfing himself or his intended target in divine light, a priest can keep them from harm of any kind, or at least almost. Depending on a Priest’s strength his god’s presence varies in strength and with it the protection offered to himself or his friend.

MECHANICS:: A standard ranged magical attack roll is made, taking slots used into account. Any enemy that wishes to strike the protected one has to compare his or her attack roll against the priest’s inital attack roll, should they fail to overcome it the attack is nulled. If they overcome it, however, then the protection is broken and the target has to do an approriate defense roll. This spell can only be used once per battle and costs 1 stamina per slot used, in addition, a priest can keep the spell up by spending 5 stamina per following round, but cannot evade or do anything else other than defend. Likely, their target cannot attack either, but can perform other actions normally.

A Light in the Dark
Level Required: 30
Casting Method: None
Defense Method: None
Class Required: Priestx 5

Many a tale of unfathomable courage and deeds done by those guided through faith’s hand exist. Tales of warriors holding their ground against the mightiest of foes, or those of devote followers giving more than mere mortals could while their patron’s attention lingered on them. By calling for this favor that only the most adept and indulged of Priests can hope to be bestowed upon do they radiate their god’s might from within their own hearts, not just bolstering and fortifying their own minds, but also those of allies close by. To their enemies a crushing presence is felt when devotee’s hands are guided by divine enlightment.

MECHANCIS:: This spell can only be cast once per month. Two rounds of uninterrupted casting are needed, the spell working at the end of the second round, this cannot be interrupted by recieving damage or being stunned. Upon using this spell the priest and those nearby gain +1 to their defense and attack rolls per 2 slots used, giving +8 at 15 slots. Additionally, for every 3 slots put in the spell the priest and his allies regain 1 stamina and 1 life. Lasting for 1 round for every 3 slots put into the spell. This does stack with other modifiers even if they state otherwise. This spell can target up to 5 other targets than the priest alone. However, with great power comes great cost. For each slot put into the spell 2 stamina are used and the Priest is unable to perform any other spells while it lasts and can only defend, not evade.
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Re: Divine Sphere

Postby Isilindil on Thu Jul 07, 2016 12:33 pm

Some changes I'd like to further suggest, again coming from my own point of view, with my character being cleric X5 / paladin, and aim is to be sort of divine aids using paladin.

So, say I were to dice, the two obvious spells would be shielding hands, a defense spell, and then holy strike to enhance my attack.

Shielding hands gives me + defense at cost of 3 stamina per slot. that is 45 stamina for +15 defense

Holy strike gives me + attack at cost of 6 stamina per +1, that is 30 stamina for +5

So, that totals to 75 stamina spent in two turns just to prepare for a fight, and these spells are pretty much necessity for divine characters to have any kind of edge as it stands, but come with way too high investment requirement in stamina stat.
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