Submission: Aversion

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Submission: Aversion

Postby Kooky on Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:04 am

Common Sphere

Casting method: other
Defending method: N/A
Description: By the means of this OOB spell, the caster who has this spell in effect can cancel out the spell Flash if it is cast upon their person. The spell Flash would simply fizzle, giving the victim a tingle of knowing the spell was cast at them, but not tell them who did it. Aversion has no tells to show that it is in effect but must be stated in RP upon entering a room/scene. It must be active prior to Flash being cast upon the character; Casting Aversion after the Flash spell has been cast will dispel Flash, but only after there has indeed been a 'flash' of nudity.

OOC Note: On the site, the spell "Flash" renders a character nude to sight, but requires no OOC consent. A person is thus required to describe what their character looks like. This spell can actually be a deadly/dangerous thing in that it can reveal disguises (by recognizing the body), herms who try to hide themselves (that's a huge part to avoid shaming and ridicule), and can be awkward for those who simply don't wish to partake. Aversion could give those players a chance to essentially negate Flash without Reflecting it back at someone or having awkward encounters of OOC variety or being forced to describe their character's nudity. Flash would stay the same as written with this sort of alternative.

If approved, I would also suggest this becomes an Enchantment available, with the option to be permanent. It's something I could see secretive herms, crossdressers, disguised characters, prude characters, shy characters and otherwise characters in general possibly getting.
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