Enchantment/Spell Suggestion... Fire Resistance

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Enchantment/Spell Suggestion... Fire Resistance

Postby Kooky on Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:17 am

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Fire Resistance (Boats only):
Casting method: none
Defending method: none
Description: Sails can be enchanted to be fire resistant, making an attack against them have a 50% chance of not lighting them on fire for 400 mhl. So if hit by something that would normally light the sails on fire, roll a 1d2 and the sails not lighting on fire should you roll a 2.

It says it's for Boats only... However, as more and more freelancers are getting wagons and carts, and some buildings have been made to have this as well, I'd like to suggest that it be a costly option for Wagons/Carts and perhaps a token that can be used to keep Houses or Shops or House/Shops safer.

It's namely for RP effect.. but also can keep wagons a little more safe during raids and such. Plus, it's one more thing for people to spend their mehrial on =D Can't go wrong with that! And it makes a lot of sense for freelancers to want to do anything to help protect their trade wagons or individual shops.
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