Spell Submission for the Symphonic Sphere

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Spell Submission for the Symphonic Sphere

Postby Ellyssa_Flamewing on Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:27 am

Loyal Fanbase (OOB Spell)

Requirements: Bard/Entertainer

Even in a world where people are jaded, caught up in the cares and worries of their day to day lives, too busy trying to survive and make a living, sometimes, a performer has the ability to touch the hearts of members of their audience in such a way that it seems that their lives change in that moment and they become enamored of the performer, vowing in that moment to watch all their performances, content just to worship from afar, clapping for performances and basking in the glow of just being near the one who had brought such beauty into expression by acting, singing, dancing or playing music. These fans may become known for their embarrassing enthusiasm, their following the performer from stage to stage, and their trying to convince everyone else that the performer they follow is truly the best in all the land.


The Bard or Entertainer has to have performed in some manner ICly before a PC audience. IF one or more player characters applaud the performance the Bard can cast this OOB spell. They will roll a qdice to determine if their performance was good enough to inspire an NPC to become their fan. If the roll is successful, the player will then roll an !r 1d26 to determine which of the major races this fan is a member of as shown on the race page. If they land on a race with sub races (e.g. #7 for elf) they will roll further for sub race (!r 1d3 for high elves, dark elves and sylvan elves). Then the player will roll a simple !r 1d2 to determine gender, 1 for male, 2 for female. This effect will show that the performer has no choice over the sorts of people they inspire to become fans.... The bard will now have an npc adoring fan that may show up at any future performances and applaud embarrassingly loudly for them, fetch them drinks to the stage, run little errands, write embarrassing or stalker type fae mail... (This is intended as RP fluff to enhance the performance aspect of being a bard or entertainer). The class of the selected NPC will always be "Layman" and they will have no combat ability whatsoever. If a bard calls on their adoring fan to save them from being raped by an over-eager PC or from the vengeance of someone who didn't appreciate their satire, the NPC will inevitably die, only slowing the other player down by one round giving the bard a chance to escape. If a bard cold-heartedly sacrifices their adoring fan in this manner, they will have to roll a qdice 7 the next time they attempt the spell, to show that it is harder to inspire future audience members to be their fans, if their fans are dying. Additionally, for every time that the bard or entertainer has selected that class, they may cast the spell one additional time in future performances to inspire more fans. Bard X3 can have as many as 3 adoring fans. Bard X7 could have 7.
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Re: Spell Submission for the Symphonic Sphere

Postby miyuka on Mon Oct 17, 2016 12:41 pm

this seems more like a rather complex class or racial mechanical advantage or disadvantage rather than a spell, to be honest.
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