Spell Submission: Emanating Empathy

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Spell Submission: Emanating Empathy

Postby Kooky on Fri Dec 30, 2016 12:02 am

Spirit Sphere

Emanating Empathy
Casting method: other
Defending method: N/A
Type: Anywhere Spell
Requirements: Shaman

Description: Some shaman consider spirits to be the emotional imprints of time and action, which is why even rocks and the earth itself have spirits, just as animals and plants, and places such as buildings. It is with this belief that a shaman is able to reach into themselves and pull out their own emotions, guided by the hands of trusted spirits to be felt and known to others. This is a spell about non-verbal and non-action communication, something often used in meditation or tense times where words have no use or place. It can also be used to ward off opposing spirits and attract like spirits.

The spell requires 5 STA to activate. By use of this spell, a shaman is able to forgo the use of words and cause a target to feel/sense what they feel. These feelings must be pure and cannot be masked with spells about lying, as the emotion is without words. This aura can affect up to one other target per times shaman is taken, so a shaman x7 could affect a maximum of 7 targets. This spell is useful to communicate intent and empathy, truth without words, and even peace towards people and animal alike. Just as opposite, this spell can be used to convey heartbreak, seething rage, or an empty lonliness. The targets do not in fact feel these emotions as if they are their own, but rather know how the caster feels.
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