Warrior-Mage spell suggestions

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Warrior-Mage spell suggestions

Postby Rei-Kai on Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:30 pm

While this is for new spells for Warrior-Mage, I will also use this to suggest allowing the class access to more spells in general. I had considered to keep suggesting to allow them up to Magex5 spells when at Warrior-Magex5. After examining my older suggestions threads I can see the reasoning behind that being too ambitious. However, upping them to Magex3 would fit the best since it's technically at half of what a pure mage could do (ie Magex7) and some spells, like Mirror Image, do seem more inclined towards the Warrior-Mage mentality than the higher-tier ones. So that is something to keep in mind.

Battle Force:
Level required: 15
Class required: Warrior-Mage
Casting method: none
Description: Warrior-Mage X2

While the Warrior-Mage tends to have a foot in both worlds, those in the way of magic and the way of battle, sometimes it is simply not enough to wield both separately while in the heat of combat against a superior foe. Whether it be a masterful mage hurling spells from a distance or a hulking warrior delivering hammering blows up close, the Warrior-Mage can never truly close the gap between those who've specialized in one aspect over the other. Thus did the Warrior-Mage seek to shorten that distance, however slightly, by doing what they are best at; combining their physical ability with their sorcery. In this way, Battle Force was created, augmenting the Warrior-Mage's strength and resilience, as well as their reflexes and cognitive functions using their Arcanic power, enveloping themselves in a nearly translucent aura. This makes them Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger. An impressive magic to be sure...but with a catch. It is not only fairly taxing on the Warrior-Mage to maintain, but requires them to keep their focus on this spell alone and are incapable of casting any other magics while utilizing their Battle Force. Any attempt to cast any other spell while it is active will instantly disable the spell and causing them to suffer that sudden loss of ability.

Mechanics: Spell lasts for 1 round for every slot used, up to 15, and costs 2sta per slot. An additional 5sta per action, attack and defense being separate actions. The spell raises the users Strength, Intelligence, Agility and Resistance by 2 points for every time the Warrior-Mage class has been taken, for a maximum of +10. If the user's stamina falls below 15 points or if they try to cast another spell, then Battle Force is immediately disabled and their stamina is reduced to 3 points automatically.

The above spell is intended as a replacement for Quick Foot. I can understand if a +10 stat increase seems a bit excessive, hence why there is such a cost and restriction while it's being used. I wouldn't put the Sta cost at more than 2 per slot used as making the cost too excessive would make it completely unusuable by anyone either not of a much higher level or who hasn't beel pooling stamina since the beginning.

Aura Ripper
Level required: 20
Class required: Warrior-Mage
Casting method: none
Description: Warrior-Mage X3

For tough enemies who won't go down no matter how hard they are hit, the ones who seem capable of fighting tirelessly, the Warrior-Mage was again pushed to develop a method of chipping away at their adversaries energy pool until they're too exhausted to continue the fight. With this, the Warrior-Mage encompasses their weapon in a nearly transparent aura of dark energy that sucks aware their enemies vitality and resolve with every wound inflicted. Striking both their spirit and body in the same blow.

Mechanics: Spell lasts 1 round for every slot expended in casting and costs 2 stamina per slot. The spell raises the weapons atk value by 1 point for every 3 slots in the spell and can drain 2sta for every 3 slots invested in the spell, up to a maximum of 10sta. Once cast, attacks are treated as !clomagatk and, if successful, a second roll is made to determine the amount of stamina is drained. Ex; 15 slots results in chance of !r 1d10 stamina drain.

Storm of Blades
Level required: 25
Class required: Warrior-Mage
Casting method: ranmagatk
Description: Warrior-Mage X4

When surrounded by enemies, wielding a blade in one hand and a spell in the other just isn't going to cut it against an onslaught of foes from all sides. With few options in their arsenal of magics, the Warrior-Mage was forced to develop a spell designed for such dire circumstances, utilizing their unique perspective and use of magic and weapons. With great focus, the WarMage pools their arcane energies into chosen weapon while visualizing images of it surrounding them countless times over, creating multiple copies of their weapon within a halo formation overhead them. Once complete, these doppel-weapons will launch themselves at high speed all around the caster to strike at any and all enemies in their vicinity. Though the cost is great, it is their greatest weapon to use against a large group of adversaries or an advancing army.

Mechanics: Range of spell is 2m for every slot in the spell up to a maximum of 30m at 15 slots. Takes two rounds to complete the spell and if defense fails during casting, the Warrior-Mage suffers a stamina loss equal to half the spell cost rounded down. Spell cost is 3sta per slot utilized. When cast, the atk chance is equal to the number of slots used and the atk value of the weapon the spell is used in conjunction with. The spell is treated as a ranmagatk.

Dimensional Strike
Level required: 30
Class required: Warrior-Mage
Casting Method: clomagatk
Description: Warrior-Mage X5

Against a truly formidable enemy or one who can strike hard from a distance, while the Warrior-Mage may have a host of spells they can use at range, their efficacy leaves much to be desired. Pushed to the brink, they have pooled their knowledge and skill to create their ultimate spell attack and countermeasure against both pure mages and master archers, and can even be used to surprise the mightiest of warriors. Infusing their energies throughout their bodies and the weapon held in their hand, the Warrior-Mage uses all of their gleamed knowledge and battle prowers to pierce the veil of reality before them, if for just the briefest of moments, and allowing them to instantly step forward and delivery an unprecedented blow against their adversary with their full force. Slipping through the very fabric of space itself, the Warrior-Mage, for just an instant, exists in two points of space at once, before being snapped back to his original position. Such a move is virtually unavoidable, yet is also quite taxing to perform.

Mechanics: Can be cast instantly at a cost of 3sta per slot used. Atk value is equal to that of the weapon being used and is treated as a clomagatk. Chance to hit is increased by 3% for every slot used and +1% for every time Warrior-Mage has been taken, maxing out at +50%. Ex: !cd Str Agi +weapon @150%.

OOB spell
Return to Balance
Level required: 20
Class required: Warrior-Mage
Casting method: none
Description: Warrior-Mage x3

While not a practitioner of the healing arts, the Warrior-Mage knows the flow of magic and life within their own body better than anyone. When afflicted with a magical curse of poison, the body comes to a state of imbalance and impurity. When not engaged in the heat of battle, the Warrior-Mage can enter into a meditative state similar to that of suspended animation in order to focus their energies inward to purge themselves of impurities and return to a state of balance. While it cannot repair their flesh, it can enhance their natural recovery to some degree, so long as they remain in this state.

Mechanics: Takes one round to perform, but as many turns per slot used against the Warrior-Mage to recover from physical or magical effects such as Infection, Poison Touch, etc. Spell slots used must be equal to that of the afflicting spell or effect, otherwise Balance cannot be made. Natural recovery for health and stamina by 1 point for every hour the spell is maintained. Does not work to dispel spells such as Blindness and Deafness.
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Re: Warrior-Mage spell suggestions

Postby miyuka on Mon Oct 23, 2017 9:53 pm

While I've not gone over your spells as of this moment I would like to say that I do like the idea of upping what they currently have access to.
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