Dethsiris: A Comprehensive Guide

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Dethsiris: A Comprehensive Guide

Postby Stormdragon on Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:42 am

Hey folks. Just wanted to put this somewhere so that everyone can read it. So that everyone has an understanding of the basics about the Empire's newly claimed, still assimilating region. This is just an overview, and it is an evolving post. So as progress is made and things change/shift/are discovered, proper addition or revision will be done. Also, I hope this is in the correct section of the MB. If not, OPs, please relocated to the appropriate place. Lets begin, shall we....


Empire Representatives: Lord Archaon has been given domain over this region. His authority over it comes directly from the Empress herself. Question it, find out what happens. That being said, Infernis has been named his Steward. So again, Infernis will be the eyes and hand and overseeing force of the region. His word is as good as that of Lord Archaon and ultimately, the Empress herself. Question his rule here, it will not end well..

Direction- South. Far to the South. Nearly the extreme southernmost region of the continent.

Landscape: Coastal that leads into deep, dense jungle. (Think Amazon) High Grass Plains. Mountains to the Western section of the region.

Climate: Moderate. Generally speaking, it's warm to ungodly hot there. Humid as well. While it does not always rain, there is often a damp mist that clings to the terrain.

Flora: This is where it gets tricky. There is a HUGE variety of yet undocumented flora and fauna. Some of the intrepid adventurers who've wandered the place are working on identifying and classifying the various flowers and plant life. As well as their medicinal use (if any), and the possible effects they would have if used in a potion. To type of yellow flower has been identified and documented. It's known to stave off the large jungle cats that are native to the region. Something about the flower's chemical composition is disagreeable to them. For further information on this flower, on the ongoing botanical pursuits, Amethine Tawariell will be your point of contact. Also of note, many of the trees and fruits there are magically altered or affected in some fashion. Pick a fruit from a tree, another grows in it's place. Damage the bark or bough of a tree? It heals itself over in short time. (If there are any additions to make on this front, please feel free to reply with an addition. Or PM it to me directly and I'll edit this to reflect.)

Fauna: Just like the section above, the fauna of this region is still somewhat undocumented and largely a mystery. There are a plethora of rare, unique avian creatures. These birds possess plumage like none that have been seen so far. (As much as I know OOC- violet, violet with crimson tips, blue with silver accents on the stem, and gold feathers have all been discovered.) Also native to this region are the much discussed large, black jungle cats. We shall call them Shadowcats for lack of a proper term. They are large, ranging from seven to nine feet in length. The biggest pushing ten to eleven feet. They weigh from a few hundred pounds, to close to six or seven hundred. At least...that we've seen so far. They have razor sharp claws and fangs that can puncture armor with ease. These beasts have two shadowy tails extending from the backside. They also possess an innate ability termed QuickStep. QuickStep functions much like Dimension Door, only there is no warm up, use time, or other penalty. They literally take one step, and poof. Gone. Vanish. They don't just turn invisible. They literally step and disappear, only to reappear several hundred yards away. Though the ultimate distance is yet undefined. The ONLY warning you have when one is about to appear within three to five feet of you, if not closer, is the sudden warmth and displacement/disturbance of the air around you. They ALWAYS hunt in pairs, so if you see one, guarantee yourself and those with you that there is another lurking not far off. Another note is, the FEMALE will ALWAYS attack from the front, unless she is pregnant, then she will flank and let the male attack from the front. Common knowledge allows one to know that one of these beasts has indeed been slain by a group of adventurers who were sent into the area. A good point of contact for these creatures is Gabriel, Robert, Cevelt, Balard, Neko, or Kable. Further unique beasts have not yet been discovered. (If there is more to add, again, please reply below or MB PM me the info).

*There is an exotic breed of Mephos that's been discovered. They are muted in color. Earthly toned, darker, or metallic. The females are said to be considerably larger than the males of this breed once fully grown. Possibly larger than the main breed of them or other sub-breeds. (Verify with L`aquera if you have questions to color and size)

Resources: So far, all that has been determined is that mithril and valecite both run deep in this region. No mines have been completely uncovered yet, but efforts for that are in progress. There is likely wood, stone, and other natural resources that are native to this area that would be different, and as the region grows and progress is made, that information will be brought to light.

Lodgings: Though actual 'houses' are just going under construction and repair, there are TWO campsites set up in the region. One is on the established and protected beach-head. The other is at the entrance to the ruined city. Those are your 'bases of operation' until the region goes live in the spring.

Magic: Everyone's favorite topic. Magic here best. Given the magical presence of the area naturally, your spells may or may not work as designed. Even if they do, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU CAST. For the city and area around it is known to be rife and riddled with various types of Phoenix Stones of differing magnification potential. One careless mistake, or not thinking before you cast could blow you, and everything around into sub-atomic particles. Or disturb the magic natures of the region and wake up some slumbering beast prepared to consume the world. If you think I'm me, I'm not. For further magical information, talk to Archaon, Infernis, L`aquera, or Miyuka. They have invested considerable study into the regions magical acuity.

Points of Note: Within the city are several points of note. A Temple to Gaea, currently presided over by Christolf. Yarost is another strong reference for this point. There is an ancient castle set within the city as well. And a domed Temple that seemed to be a font of knowledge and craftsmanship. Infernis, or any member of the A-Team (Abby, Airy, or Amethine) would be a good reference for further info on the Domed building.

Religion: Gaea lives and breathes here. Her cycle is predominant here. Enough said. For further reference, Christolf or Yarost.

The Ruined City: Much more will be uncovered as progress continues, but for now, just a quick rundown of it's design. (At least how it was constructed when it was actually inhabited..) The ruined city itself is set up and designed like the symbol of Gaea. It's a ring type construction, with tiers or walls separating each section. The section you first walk into looked to once be shops, trade centers, and a market area. The next ring contained domestic quarters and more citizen oriented structures. The most interior ring is where the important points of note are. If you look at a map done from an aerial view (which there is one of in the Atlas that Gabriel made), you can see that the important structures also coincide with major points on a sundial. There is MUCH about the city we do not yet know, and discovering the deeper meanings behind it's construction will take time.

That's really all I have for the moment. If anyone has further information to provide, please reply below, or PM it to me on the MB and I will update this parent post to reflect. Please ensure whatever information given has been verified through L`aquera, Archaon, or Infernis. That way there is no quarrel over it later, and it can be added to lore of the land to further enhance it's grandeur and mystery. As more is discovered or change, the post will evolve to reflect that.
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