Amalgamation Of Various Stores

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Amalgamation Of Various Stores

Postby mozenwrathe on Wed Mar 20, 2013 12:44 pm

As per a discussion that has been held in the #lonely_inn_ooc, and undoubtedly in various forms in other venues, I would like to ask about the merging of a few stores within the gaming scenario, along with the appointing of new management in the case of a few. The stores that would be getting new management would be those that have sat idle for more than two months because nobody is able to access/ open them currently. Some of the other stores could merged into previously existing locations.

Though when I do post my suggestions, please note these are based purely on what little I know about each of the stores. And yes, at least one of the combined stores would still be located in Valencia. I am sure I would be considered biased about such a move, but if a region is supposed to have its own base economy, there'd have to be places to buy and sell within.

(names of everything to follow. currently posting this before rushing off to school).
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Re: Amalgamation Of Various Stores

Postby everwood on Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:11 pm

I have thought about this as well. It would make everything easier for players looking to shop for their characters.

I also understand the desire to have a unique store base in the game, rather than throwing everything into a few generic stores. The setting is better, when each store has its own feel.

The compromise could be the ability to special order items through the general store. If I want my character to be able to buy a lute, I might as well forget about it, because that store is never going to be open. If I could, however, place a special order, then it could be assumed that the general store is acquiring the item.

This practice shouldn't be the default though. If there were a handling charge and a wait period to pick up these items, it would still give incentive to find a employee of the actual store IC.

From an setting perspective, this would be fairly accurate. Most general stores before the advent of modern transportation acted as a go between for customers, who could not travel themselves. They also were a place for trades people to sell on consignment.
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