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Race: Cashishi
Found where: The chirot capitol
Size: Medium or Huge. 15 feet wingspan and 8 feet tall for normal, 45 feet wingspan and 22 feet tall for dire variant.

Description: Years and years of selectively cross breeding various kinds of giant bats has caused the Chirot to create flying mounts of their own. Due to the process like with most domesticated animals they do vary a lot in appearance and between the two variants there is even stronger distinctions other then size.

The normal Cashishi vary from brown to black, but the occasional white and patchwork ones are not unknown with Chirot breeding masters also trying to coax out blue and calico appearances. Their main bodies are small and round, requiring a special harness to hold onto the creatures for flight or to load em up with small cargo's. Their heads are short with ears barely larger then a Chirot's. They have bright and sizable eyes and an inquisitive look. As insectivores they prey on larger bugs and require ample supplies of this. Lastly they require darkened roosts, preferably caves, but artificial cavern stables can be used.

Dire Cashishi are a far bigger variant which is extremely rare and expensive. They come in black variants only so far. Bred to haul large weights effortlessly these flying behemoths are prized among the Chirot. They have longer bodies and far more wolf like heads. Smaller eyes but larger ears relativly to the normal or House Cashishi as they are also called. They are less intelligent then the House Cashishi and require more care as they cannot survive in the wild at all. The Dire Cashishi diet is one of fruit and thus easier to manage then House Cashishi.

Abilities: Both Cashishi types are agile in the air, but not extremely fast. Still they are faster then riding a good horse over cobbled roads. They function perfectly in day and night situations as they can travel by sight and hearing equally well.

Disadvantage: The House Cashishi has limited stamina and can only fly at cruising speed for an hour or three at a time and at high speed less then half an hour. The Dire Cashishi does not have the ability to fly at high speed, but can go at cruise speed of about 50 mph for a good 12 hours a day.

Special: To aquire a Cashishi one needs to be in good standing with either the Chirot at their capitol or have good standing with either the schools of magic. Feathered races never get permission to ride one from Chirot of course, but can get them from the schools of magic. However hostile Chirot can take umbrage with Cashishi in hands of feathered races. House Cashishi are not strong enough to get a heavy load and require for humans and similar races to have Air Pocket Saddles. These special saddles bestow a permanent weight reduction to it's rider while ridden to be more in line with a Chirot, even if wearing a full plate armor. Dire Cashishi require great feats for the Chirot Capitol and can thus only be approved by administrators. They however are capable of moving even minotaurs, trolls and ogre's.

Learning to ride them is no easy feat in itself and requires mastery riding to start even getting the ranks in Cashishi riding.

In combat: Do not use them for combat, they are not suited for combat and will flee given the chance regardless of riders urgings.
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