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Healer Class Suggestion

Postby Lindor on Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:23 pm

This post represents everything Lindor was taught by gwyneth, one of the original developers of the Healer Class, the Healer’s Guild, the HH, and significant contributor to the Healer Rez. I gathered all my notes from the last decade and compiled them into one post (existing ICly as a book available in the HH library, which Matwyn also graciously had his House scribes copy and distribute widely), for the sake of helping others who wanted to master this particular magical class and First Aid/Triage skill set.

Since writing it, many players of these character types have come to me with their pleasure at having applied the techniques and methods described herein, how it enriched their role-play, and their personal experience with character development. Nothing could make me happier than to hear this.

I also notice (still) some Healer-class characters roaming about applying the magic without any of the arduous, necessary prep-work as was designed by those who created this class. We rather like the idea of Healing not being a quick and easy *poof* fixed, but rather a somewhat more believable, expedited process, requiring time and allowing room for new storyline development.

I am wondering if Dev thinks it would be appropriate to add this comprehensive manual to the website somehow, perhaps as a sub-section of the Healer Class or as part of the Healing House page in ‘Locations’, to make it a bit more “official”... or, if in the interest of interesting RP, it should remain esoteric and something to be discovered by new healers via trial and error (as Lindor embarrassingly discovered it, a decade ago)?
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Re: Healer Class Suggestion

Postby miyuka on Mon Jul 02, 2018 11:37 pm

Making it a part of the HH page makes the most sense to me, but it's up to SB if it goes on the website.
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