Divorce and You

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Re: Divorce and You

Postby Bellana on Fri Apr 06, 2018 6:56 am

March 21

The bonding between Elthorion and Nienna was dissolved in the temple of Kirva by ritual means.
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Re: Divorce and You

Postby InsanityVixen on Tue Jun 19, 2018 9:42 am

Tawny made a request of Kerrigan to be separated from Tyjir
Tawny was granted separation, and can now remarry/be bound to someone else from this point on.
Tue Jun 19 00:04:46 2018
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Re: Divorce and You

Postby Sha`Ruse on Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:17 pm

Kiria seeking to unbound with Van Masterson. Am seeking Sorgram to do it.
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Re: Divorce and You

Postby VanMasterson on Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:28 pm

I the player of Van Masterson give my ooc consent to this annuelment of the marriage. I wish Kiria well in her new life and may she find that to what she seeks.

Van Masterson
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Re: Divorce and You

Postby Isla on Thu Aug 02, 2018 9:44 pm

Kiria and Van have been granted the divorce by Uvelcra's rituals. 8/2/2018
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Re: Divorce and You

Postby Lindor on Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:46 am

Lindor Tindomerel is seeking a dissolution of the bonding with Kain, done in the eyes of Gaea, for reasons described herein. As Amara performed the original rites, it would be appropriate for her to dissolve them.


Throughout the night, the elf had written the letter, and packed up her bags. In the wee hours of the morning, she slipped the note beside his pillow, before making her way out into the misty sunrise, heading first to the Sacred Grove, and next toward Valencia and her ship awaiting in Thallis Port.

Dear Kain,

I cannot and do not hold you responsible for anything. The truth of our history is thus:

A little over six years ago, I asked to be your concubine, under the pretense of wanting the protection of someone powerful. The real reason is that I was in love with you. You did not ask me. You took on the burden at my request. And that is never how it should have started. I should have been more patient, for you or another.

You vanished for a year shortly thereafter, maybe longer. Looking back now, I realize it was probably that you were hoping I’d come to my senses and realize what a mistake I’d made, and release you from this burden I had placed on you. I continued to wear your name proudly nonetheless, and awaited your return. When you did return, as I knew you would, we became deliriously happy for awhile…

And then, for me, it all came crashing down. You collared your slave, Breena. Then, I came to learn of the rich history you two share… and felt I had no right to speak on it. To my naive surprise I found, as a result of my particular upbringing in a land and culture quite foreign to this side of the continent, that the sharing of my man’s name with another woman was too great a shame and dishonor for me to bear. I knew I had no right to be angry — I had asked you to take me on, after all, and not the other way around! I had signed up for an arrangement with no negotiations made in advance. Even so, I could not tolerate the situation as it had become. I demanded to be released from your collar at once.

The very next day, in an effort to prevent the inevitable I suppose, you proposed marriage to me. It was a shock, though a happy one, and a fantasy I wanted more than anything to indulge with a man I had loved and devoted myself to so thoroughly. My young and girlish desires thought this, perhaps would be the magical bandage to smooth over any slights and misunderstandings. But, the reason you asked me, and the reason I said yes, are the wrong reasons to enter a holy bonding. It was, again, all wrong from the start.

Instead of a honeymoon, within a day you were gone with your other lover, the sea-nymph. I endured this quietly, and gracefully. After all, Nanthalion is hewn of a culture far different than Verdspar. I chose to bind myself to one not of my race or culture, thinking the love I carried in my heart would conquer all else… thinking, perhaps, that my peculiarities and quirks would be learned and… respected. But, it was truly unfair to expect this of one who did not ask for me, but I for him.

As time wears on, I find myself becoming increasingly resentful and dissatisfied, and I know that the fault lies entirely with myself. Yes, I tried to comfort myself by taking on a slave or two of my own. But it was never in my nature to be a slave-owner, and nothing was ever enough to bury this splinter in mind and heart. I never wanted to become like all the quiet suffering females of the home I left. This injury has festered too long beneath the surface. While we had a good run of it, my heart has grown weary from burying its pain.

And so what it has finally come down to is that while I do love you as much as I always have, I have decided it is time to love myself more. I love you so much that I cannot ask you to be other than what you are. I cannot break Breena’s heart by forcing you to uncollar her. I love the pixie, too, and the truth is that she needs you in this way in her life, much in the same way I did those years ago. Give her that with a clear conscience and an open heart.

It is time now for me to be free… to thrive with hope anew. I must be released of our bond.

I will always love you. And it is my sincere hope that in time, that love can blossom into one of a deep and genuine friendship, as befitting of the rich history that you and I have cultivated together over the past decade.

I am sorry. I hope that in time, you will see it is for the best. I am leaving now.


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Re: Divorce and You

Postby Amara on Sun Oct 14, 2018 1:54 am

Lindor and Kain have been granted the divorce by rite at the Grove of Balance.
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