Small things to flesh out a character

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Small things to flesh out a character

Postby Naomh on Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:58 pm

Note: Just a small list I'm forming up as ideas and suggestions on what one could do to further flesh out a character and their personality.

I've thought it would be interesting to form up a list of small things, details that can add a character more depth or be a surprising twist to a character. For instance a wolven having a sweet tooth. They can be mildly comedic contrasts or further reinforce what kind of character they are. Filling out this list is by no means required but certain could be potentially fun and useful for you for getting a 'feel' for a character or if someone asks them for their favourite food you can order it up.

Music is the thing that made me think of making this sort of list. If your character lived in the modern world, what sort of music would they enjoy? Are they a sophisticated classical music lover? A rocker or a metalhead? An example would be my Naomh, whenever I think about her for music I see her being a bluegrass and country gal, especially the old school twangy kind but having fun with the more modern forms,, 'Cottoneye Joe' by Rednex would be a perfect example of a silly light-hearted thing I could totally see my foxkitten square dancing to. ((hee))

This is a far more common one, less a personality secret and more something that can impact things ICly, what sort of foods do they like? Guilty pleasures they can NOT resist? Foods they just can not stand and maybe even foods that do not agree with them, either general discomfort or full blown allergy? Using Naomh again she's a bit of a carnivore but in general enjoys eating rich, hearty foods especially stuff commonly found on a farm dining table but has absolutely no taste for sweets, cakes, many pies, chocolates and candies.

Related: Drink. Tea? Flavoured or straight? Coffee? Alcoholic drinks? What kind? I've known people who drank nothing but coffee whenever they have the choice then there's other who only drink water.

A small simple one, colour. What is their favourite? -DO- they have a favourite? Do they have a bias for bright colours or dark? Warm or cool? Pastels or natural? Do they enjoy things to be simple and few colours or do they like a rainbow of colours? Roughly related: How do they see colours? Some people can see colours better than others, and some are outright blind to a kind of colour, or even all colours!

I may be adding more to this list in the future but here's some stuff for now, hope it helps you make out some fun facts for your characters and can get a better feel for them. Again you don't have to have all these answered (I certainly do not) but it can be amusing and interesting what you come up with!
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Re: Small things to flesh out a character

Postby The Mercenary Abby on Thu Apr 05, 2018 4:34 am

This looks fun so let me do one with Abby!


Abby is not known as a fan for music; at one point, she used to call it 'noise' and would prefer the sound of silence than anything else. Which is still true, though, but there is one sound that she does not truly mind: drums. Perhaps it is from being raised by dwarves, but she definitely enjoys listening to the powerful beats and strikes. Fast or slow, someone could probably catch Abby one day tapping the tips of her fingers on a surface trying to mimic the sounds. Now, one musical sound she -does- not like, however, comes from string instruments, especially the violins. She has never done it willingly, but she would enjoy the chance of smashing a violin into pieces. Maybe two to three times.


Abby is not very picky with food. For someone like her, to be able to eat just plain bread and drink clean water would pretty much satisfy her - in fact, she probably brings a few pieces of bread with her every time, just to give her something to munch on; bread are also filling, which Abby believes is practical and therefore likes. However, she does have one guilty pleasure: dark chocolate. She cannot get enough of them. From where she came from, chocolates are expensive and rare delicacies so until she arrived in Nanthalion, she had eaten a total of one or maybe two during her life. Abby cannot stand its milk chocolate equivalent, though, as she detests a lot of things that are 'too sweet' for her.


A lot of people would not be able to guess this from what she wears daily, but Abby is a fan of the colour pink. She only owns a handful of items that have this colour since she believes it stands out too much; therefore, said items are usually small enough that Abby can hide somewhere on her person. She does have a strange aversion to the color purple, though.
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