Oddball question from A cartographer

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Oddball question from A cartographer

Postby Ascalante_Rhee on Thu Jan 08, 2009 3:25 pm

Dear SB, Tao, PK, Laerel and just about anyone else who oversees/works on/does maps for the REB/town/Valencia/etc. ,

(jeez that is the longest letter introduction I have ever done!)

Greetings, FInally! now that you have fallen through the cracks of the worlds longest salutation, have a question: there is a river section, offmap which contains a series of islands, and it was determined that it stands above the Valencian falls and south (by a longshot) of Nanalthion proper. there is a LONG section of river and surrounding areass that are therefore unaccounted for.

However, I have been working on a map of this area using PKs original maps as my points of reference to the north and south I have devised the beginning of a map that was titled "Borderlands" (after the channel any RP on my island in the chain was played out in,) which I will gladly donate upon its' completion if I ever complete it!

Also would like to offer my services as a cartographer, most of my work is hand-done so pixel versions are a little tough still but I am a fast learner and so progress is swift on that front. I mean Hell, I do have some free time, actually, and I love maps.. pirate treasure maps and (OK folks get ready to laugh) D&D maps are how I got started, the 'Keep on the Borderlands' module was the first map set I duplicated/added to, I used to have a world that started just from thaty Keep! so this whole 'Borderlands' thing is like a running joke for me, but I digress..

Anywho, thought I would throw my 2 3/4 cents in there (damn inflation, it was 2 1/2 on yesterdays post..)

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