Callista's Vulpine Cuisine - Menu, Description, Employees

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Callista's Vulpine Cuisine - Menu, Description, Employees

Postby CallieO on Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:28 pm

Callista's Vulpine Cuisine

A restaurant in Nanthalion Province dedicated to providing the greatest culinary delights of traditional vulpine culture

Brought to you by Callista Kayami ("Callie") Volopa, Owner and Head Chef

[Last updated 3/6/17]

An OOC word on prices: These prices are what Callie charges for her food if someone asks her what the totals are. ICly, the restaurant is a for-profit business. OOCly, however, it's merely designed to create unique RP opportunities here in the game, and if someone doesn't ask how much they owe, Callie doesn't charge them.

The exception is with meals that are delivered. They must be paid for, and the delivery driver is entitled to a minimum 50% tip (which they can negotiate downwards at their discretion).


⦁ Min'taba rolls
Everything you love about our signature min'taba, in a brand-new form! We cook a sausage patty, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese, and serve them inside a split potato roll! A great breakfast sandwich.

⦁ Breakfast platters
Bacon or sausage with eggs how you like them, toast, and hash browns.

⦁ Country-fried steak

⦁ Omelets

Deli Section

⦁ Build Your Own Deli Sandwich (3 mhl)
Meats: Roast beef, ham, corned beef, sliced turkey
Cheeses: Lingorian keeza [Swiss cheese], cheddar, Colby Jack, pepper jack, Muenster, provolone
Condiments: Mayonnaise, mustard
Vegetables: Onion, tomato, lettuce, pickle
Bread: Whole wheat, white, honey wheat, rye, potato, Lingori'naan, flatbread, flour tortilla wrap

⦁ Potato salad (1 mhl)
A portion of potato salad comes free with any sandwich

Appetizers (Everything 2 mhl, Except Where Listed)

⦁ Jinjona
We take two strips of the meat of your choice, skewer them, and season them with a special blend containing beri-beri, saffron, coriander, oregano and a pinch of yatava. Then we grill to perfection and serve them with a small cup of peanut sauce.
Available Meats: Beef, chicken, or pork

⦁ Giojoni [Momo dumplings]
We steam, then pan-fry a plate of small dumplings that are wrapped around the filling of your choice. These heavenly bite-size Earth Tribe pastries are good for a quick, filling meal on their own, or as an appetizer to one of our signature entrées. Comes with cup of chili sauce. Dumplings may be cooked spicy upon request.
Available Fillings: Beef, chicken, pork, rabbit meat, sausage, potato, cabbage
Available Platter Sizes: Regular (6), Entrée (12, for 3 mhl)
*Credit: Ehlanna for the suggestion.

⦁ Iloben [Macaroni & cheese]
We use only the freshest cheddar cheese, and the highest-quality macaroni noodles from Verlosi'ka, to make the best iloben you've ever tasted. Complete with a secret ingredient! Excellent as an appetizer or as a meal in its own right.

⦁ Lingori'Naan
A specialty of the Lingorian Tribe. A baguette loaf cut diagonal two ways, and stuffed with butter mixed with seasonings (ground up celery and onion) and Lingorian keeza [Swiss cheese]. It's baked wrapped in foil until lightly crispy, and the cheese oozes everywhere! Just tear a chunk off by hand and bite into it!
* Credit: Ravne for the suggestion.

⦁ Cranberry sauce
Callie's own personal recipe. Each batch of cranberries is checked for any blemished berries before they come to your plate. Orange marmalade is stirred into it to thicken and sweeten it. Perfect for any occasion!

Soups (Everything 2 mhl)

All soups can be served in a bread bowl (whole wheat or white) for a small additional charge of 1 mhl.

⦁ Cucanasha [French onion soup]
A delightful soup made from beef broth, carmelized onions and provolone cheese, with croutons floating in it. Additional croutons available upon request.

⦁ Ooloosha'noc [Rabbit stew]
A popular meal of some of the tribes living in the forest, we make our rabbit stew with sauteed mushrooms, sliced onions, celery, potatoes, carrots and Verlosi Tribe merlot!

⦁ Chicken noodle soup

⦁ Tomato vegetable soup

⦁ Broccoli and cheese soup

Salads (Everything 3 mhl)

⦁ Chef salad
A delightful salad consisting of hard-boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded cheddar cheese, as well as your choice of ham, turkey, chicken, or roast beef. Served with balsamic vinagrette, ranch, or blue cheese dressing. Also available without meat.

⦁ Cassius salad [Caesar salad]
Named for Cassius Klempa of the Karalinka Tribe, who originated this salad 1,500 years ago. It's made with Romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, poached eggs, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper.

The Sampler Platters

⦁ Sampler platter (5 mhl)
Not sure what you want? Try several things at once! One jinjona skewer, three giojoni dumplings, one slice of Lingori'naan, a small bowl of one of our soups, and a small side of one of our salads.

⦁ Sampler platter for two (8 mhl)
A slightly larger sampler platter designed for two people. Two jinjona skewers, four giojoni dumplings, two slices of Lingori'naan, two small bowls of soup, and two small side salads.

Entrées (Everything 3 mhl)

⦁ Min'taba
The classic delectable quiche dish made with sausage, shredded potatoes, onions, cheddar cheese, milk and eggs. Served in a bowl for maximum portability. This filling, satisfying entrée can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

⦁ Xilbo
We went to the fish market to find the best tilapia available. Then we bread and pan-fry it, and serve it on a bed of rice with grilled onions and diced, fried zucchini for your enjoyment!

⦁ Kiarman [Chicken paprikash]

⦁ Pylash [Spaghetti]
A Verlosi Tribe specialty! Angel hair pasta served with tomato marinara sauce, and served with or without beef or sausage meatballs. Parmesan cheese available at no additional cost! You haven't truly had vulpine cuisine until you've had pylash!

⦁ Vilka [Bratwurst]
A specialty of the Void Tribe. Pork sausage, offered either sweet, with spicy jalapenos, or beer-battered.

Desserts (Everything 2 mhl)

⦁ Tinjako'hox ("orgasm pie")
{"tin-JAH-koe hocks"}
A legendary delicacy from the vulpine village of Rinaya on the continent's eastern shore. This pie, made with chocolate, caramel, strawberries and a special, thin layer of Tianopo honey, causes the person eating it to have an orgasm within minutes of their first bite. Besides that, it's delicious!
Served to adult customers only.
OOC Note: If you eat the tinjako'hox, you are giving your OOC consent to have an orgasm.

⦁ Rippon [funnel cake]
A delicious dessert concocted of a special blend of vulpine batter that has been drizzled out from a pastry funnel in a traditional twirling 10-tail design in honor of The Lady. Upon hitting the boiling cooking oil, it quickly firms up in a beautiful golden brown. It is served with the following toppings: Powdered Sugar, Honey, Cinnamon, Fresh Fruits (Seasonal) and Jelly/Jam.
*Credit: Loki for the description.

⦁ Jalosh
(Sweet potato jack)

⦁ Blueberry pie
The classic dessert, made with fresh (never-frozen) blueberries from Callie's privately-owned blueberry shrubs.
Seasonal offering.

⦁ Carrot cake
A time-honored cake, created by the Lingorian tribe two thousand years ago at a time when sugar was at a premium. We include walnuts, vanilla and cinnamon in our recipe, and coat the top of our carrot cake with the traditional cream-cheese frosting.

⦁ Yogurt parfait
A dessert for those who prefer a healthy alternative. Our fresh yogurt is mixed with blueberries, strawberries, peaches and nuts.

⦁ Pumpkin pie

⦁ Ice cream
Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream, and orange sherbet.

⦁ Hot Fudge Sundae
Three scoops of vanilla ice cream caressed with hot fudge and lightly sprinkled with nuts. The whipped cream and cherry on top complete the classic dish!

⦁ Extreme Hot Fudge Sundae
Not your ordinary hot fudge sundae! This time we take three scoops of ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream, and cram as many sliced strawberries and bananas in it as vulpinely possible!

⦁ Banana Split
The classic treat made with one scoop each of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream, a banana sliced the long way, whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top. Practically synonymous with hot summer days.

⦁ "The Big One"
You've never seen this much ice cream in one bowl. We put fourteen scoops of your favorite flavors of ice cream into our largest serving bowl, and include blueberries, strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, chopped-up candy canes, hot fudge and caramel. Serves four, and comes complete with four spoons.
Commemorative pins available for anyone able to complete "The Big One" by themselves in an hour without getting sick!


Non-Alcoholic (Everything 1 mhl)

⦁ Callie's "Darn Good" Sweet Tea
Our owner's unique blend of tea brewed with sugar syrup. Delicious, refreshing and habit-forming. Your taste buds deserve nothing less.
Also available unsweetened upon request.

⦁ Callie's "Darn Good" Lemonade and Limeade
These tangy, sweet beverages are perfect for a hot summer's day or, really, any occasion!

⦁ "Darn Good" Beverages
Available at 30 mhl for a keg, or 40 for a case of 24, 20-oz. glass bottles.

⦁ Yatava tea
Hot tea served with a teaspoon of an herb called yatava, which has an invigorating effect on vulpines, wolvens and similar races. The yatava rapidly dissolves in the near-boiling liquid and infuses the tea with its energy. It's then allowed to rest for a few minutes, both for maximum effect and to allow the tea to cool sufficiently to drink.
Available in Callie's "Darn Good", peppermint, ginger, jasmine, raspberry, peach, orange, lemon, and chai flavors.

⦁ Velina's Tea
Hot tea brewed and then cooled with three slices of lemon in it. Once cooled, honey is added. Tianopo honey available on request.
OOC Note: If you drink this with Tianopo honey, you are giving your OOC consent to be sexually stimulated by the honey, depending on the amount added to the tea, up to and including orgasm.

⦁ Coffee
Hot coffee served fresh daily, with or without yatava. Sugar and cream available.

⦁ Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Peach Juice, Cranberry Juice
Freshly squeezed using fruits bought fresh from the produce market.

⦁ Apple cider
Served hot or chilled.

⦁ Hot chocolate

⦁ Milk

Alcoholic (Everything 2 mhl, Except Where Listed)

⦁ Vodka

⦁ Blood Mead

⦁ Whiskey

⦁ Verlosi Tribe merlot

⦁ Void Tribe pilsner beer

⦁ Wade's 83-Proof Apple Whiskey (3 mhl for a 750 mL bottle)

⦁ Spring wine
A nice white spring wine from the Molava vineyard of the Water Tribe.

Mixed Drinks (Everything 2 mhl)

⦁ Morasha ("Fox Lust")
A mix of cream and Blood Mead, which is pink in color and tastes sweet and creamy. One of the signature drinks of vulpine culture.

⦁ Cayazi [Ambrosia martini]
A martini made with vodka, apricot schnapps, peach juice and light cream. It's a popular drink with which to say "cayazar" to a vulpine-- meaning "congratulations on your new tail"-- hence the name. But it's a delightful drink for any occasion, or just to treat yourself.

⦁ Mint julep
A traditional drink of the Earth Tribe, our mint julep is made from bourbon whiskey brewed in the southern reaches of the continent, and mint sprigs grown locally. We use only whiskey that's at least ten years old.

⦁ Vaal Qasti ("Orange Twister") [Screwdriver]
{"VAL KAS-tee"}
A traditional drink of the Fire Tribe, one of the continent's biggest suppliers of oranges. Vodka mixed with orange juice, served on the rocks. Goes down nice and smooth.

⦁ Tayva'map ("Original Now") [Old-Fashioned]

Sides (Everything 1 mhl, Except Where Listed)

⦁ Breads
Whole wheat, white bread, buttermilk biscuits and potato rolls made fresh every day. Two buttermilk biscuits or potato rolls gratis with any other menu item.

⦁ Mashed potatoes

⦁ Buttered corn (either on or off the cob)

⦁ Fruit salad
Fruit salad made with bananas, blueberries, strawberries, peaches and marshmallows.


On January 16, 2017, Callista's Vulpine Cuisine moved to a new building. Here is a description of it.


Callista's Vulpine Cuisine is a two-story brick house (with a basement) just south of the park in the city of Nanthalion, on plot ITW. Its address is 110 South Meridian Street, and its entrance faces north, towards the park. It has a greenhouse, bathhouse, and a ten-horse stone barn outside.

First Floor

One enters CVC through a set of double doors that are 15 feet high. There's also a "fae door" to the right of the double doors, that stands two feet high and four feet up from the ground. Inside the building, there is seating for 15 at the bar counter, and about that many at tables on the first floor. In the center of the counter is a small table with four chairs around it. They look like doll furniture, but are actually designed for faes and other smallish species. There's a shot glass full of sugar cubes near the fae furniture, which is for common use by any fae, pixie, or anyone else who wishes to avail herself of it. As another concession to customers who don't have human-normal heights, every chair and stool has a series of rungs along one side of it to help people like halflings and dwarves climb onto them.

There is a small area between the dining room and the living room that is completely open, to be used for a dance floor. The living room area has a couch, coffee table, fireplace, and two bookshelves. An 18-inch tall statuette of The Lady stands on the mantle, flanked by two large candlesticks. In front of The Lady's statuette is a set of seven colored quartz vulpine figurines. Red fire tribe, Orange Earth tribe, Yellow wind, Green of the forest, Blue of the waters tribe, with a clear and indigo rounding out the last of the tribes with void and celestial. Each was performing a dance of there particular tribe the seven figures intertwined in there dance, the quartz semi-translucent so the light behind it would form a prism effect.

Against the wall are two doors, one leading to a bedroom for customers, and the other to a bathroom. Inside the bedroom is a queen-sized bed, an end table with a lantern on it, a circular table with two chairs around it, and a dresser. The end table contains several sex toys. The dresser contains a change of sheets and comforter. There's a window inside the bedroom, facing west, with blinds and curtains surrounding it.

The bathroom has a tub big enough to fit two people snugly.

Second Floor

The second floor has five employee bedrooms which are not available to the general public, and a second bathroom. A set of double doors leads outside to a small, intimate balcony seating area with a 12' tall roof and four square tables that seat two people each. From there, patrons can use the Message spell or a fairy-mail to send their orders down to the kitchen. The balcony overlooks the park, and can be reserved in advance for small parties or dates.


Large painting (3)
Inside of Wobaki's Restaurant by Zorva (near a side window on the first floor)
The scenic view of a well-known restaurant in Verlosi'ka during the night depicting many races but about half are vulpine. The view showcases the far window that opens to a lake where the city's lights are illuminated across the surface.

Sunrise Over the Jannitza Mountains by Zorva (above the mantle)
A magnificent depiction of the sun rising over the Eastern Jannitza Mountains, as seen from the city of Verlosi'ka in the Ulma Valley.

When We Received Our Spirits by Zorva (on the wall of the kitchen)
A painting of Zorva and her six siblings sitting cross-legged in the snow of the Jannitza Mountains, circled around a campfire, as their souls (depicted as streaks of light) pour into each of them.
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Staff of CVC, and OOC Note on Delivery Specialists

Postby CallieO on Wed Sep 28, 2016 2:18 am

Introducing the Staff of Callista's Vulpine Cuisine:

Callie Volopa: Owner and head chef
Andralyn: Waitress and assistant chef (hired 12/24/16)
Theressa: Assistant events coordinator (hired 3/18/17)
Arke: Apprentice chef and stocking clerk (hired 5/23/17)
Allivia: Waitress (hired 8/11/17)
Airy: Assistant chef and entertainer (hired 8/20/17)
Tallinna: Cleaning staff; paying off a debt (hired 8/26/17)
Ceridwyn: Entertainer (hired 8/27/17)
Taini: Assistant chef (hired 1/27/18)
Calvan: Assistant chef (hired 2/7/18)
Daeris: Waitress and entertainer (hired 3/27/18)

OOC Notes:

CVC delivery specialists make their living solely on tips, hence my admonition on the first post that if you're going to avail yourself of a CVC delivery specialist, please be sure to tip them a minimum of 50% of the total cost of the meal (or what the meal would cost at regular price, for those who are getting the meal at a discount or free).

In roleplays in which the delivery specialist is online but the owner is not, the delivery specialist will start out already on the way to the customer's home, with the owner having received the order through fairy-mail or message spell.

Our asssistant chefs are authorized to open CVC by themselves. Our apprentice chefs are not.
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CVC Book Library

Postby CallieO on Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:39 am

Callista's Vulpine Cuisine now has a selection of books on the bookshelves in the living room area of the restaurant. They're available for any customer to read while they're at CVC, but are not meant to be borrowed.

Here's the list:


Your Familiar and You: A Guide to Living With a Bondmate by Taye Kitt
The Water Mage Cantrip Journal by Joseph Allen


Basic and Intermediate Blacksmithing by Emmett Anderson
The Ancient Art of Healing by Arwen Lindor Tindomerel (3 copies)
The Verlosi Tribe Guide to Multi-Species Sex Education, 23rd Edition, edited by Lamine Vasara (2 copies)


The City of Nanthalion, A Complete History, Volume 1 by Richard Adams


Legends of the Bijongo Tribe, edited by Caroline Jones
Legends of the Verlosi Tribe, collected by Callie Volopa
Stories of the Tayva Din


The Long Voyage of Night by Milana Serafin (2 copies; Common/Vulpani split)
Journey Through a Daydream by Milana Serafin (2 copies; Common/Vulpani split)
When Pretense Falls by Milana Serafin (2 copies; Common/Vulpani split)
Inevitability by Milana Serafin (2 copies; Common/Vulpani split)
Darkness Rising by Milana Serafin (2 copies; Common/Vulpani split)


My Life (So Far): An Autobiography by Tavis Kin'cherno (musician)


The Sacred Teachings (4 copies)
Gelafo's Recitations (4 copies)


Things Wobaki Taught Me to Make by Callie Volopa (2 copies)
The Five-Ingredient Cookbook by Marena Livaro
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Two Simple Rules for Eating at CVC

Postby CallieO on Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:25 pm

Callista's Vulpine Cuisine is intended to be a very different roleplaying experience from The Lonely Inn. To wit, there are two simple rules for going to CVC. If you visit the restaurant, you are giving your OOC consent to following these terms and conditions:

1. No violence.
2. No rape.
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The Ray`el and Risarah Patronage Account

Postby CallieO on Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:26 pm

CVC is proud to present the new Ray`el/Risarah Patronage Account! Can't pay for your meal? Let Lord Ray`el of Thallis pick up your tab! To spread word of their generosity throughout the land, Ray`el and Risarah have established an account that CVC's customers can dip into in times of need, or if they just feel like saving for that new sword. Whatever your position in life, you qualify! (Gratuity not included).
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Banquets and Date Night Packages

Postby CallieO on Fri Jun 09, 2017 3:21 am

Callista's Vulpine Cuisine is proud to announce that we cater banquets and also do date night packages!

400 mhl will get you a banquet in which at least eight of Callie's signature dishes are available. Callie will be there for at least three hours, and whatever food isn't consumed by the end of the banquet still belongs to the person who bought the banquet.

We ask that you give us at least two weeks' notice for a banquet date so that we can plan it properly.

CVC also now hosts Date Night Packages! For 100 mhl plus the cost of the food, you and a date can have a romantic dinner on the balcony after-hours, use of the customer bedroom downstairs for the night, and a casual breakfast on the first floor in the morning.

Date Night Packages that have been won as prizes include the cost of the food.
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