Tempting Confections!

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Tempting Confections!

Postby Sha`Ruse on Mon Sep 25, 2017 8:22 pm

Pastries -
Croissants: 2mhl for 2, 8mhl for 5
Fruit Danish(Cherry, Apple, Blackberry, Lemon, and Blueberry) 1mhl or 6 for 5mhl
Coffee Cakes: Apple Cinnamon, Raspberry Almond 2ml or 6 for 10mh
Cinnamon Rolls - 2mhl, 6 for 10mhl
Honey Buns - 2mhl, 6 for 10mhl
Frosted Honey Buns: 3mhl, 6 for 11mhl
Turnovers: cherry, cinnamon apple 2mh or 6 for 10mhl
Dragon Claws: Cheese, Apricot, Almond 2mhl, 6 for 10mhl

Fresh Baked Breads - 2mhl a loaf, 5cp a roll
Potato Bread
Sweet Bread
Cinnamon raisin swirl

Savory Pies: 3mhl a slice, 12mhl for whole
Chicken Pot Pie

Pies: - 3mhl a slice, 12mhl for whole
Apple Crunch Pie
Spiced Pumpkin Pie
Cherry Pie
Blueberry Pie
Pecan Pie

Cakes: - 3mhl a slice, 12mhl for whole
Red Velvet
Chocolate Cake
Yellow Cake
Carrot Cake
Vanilla Cake

Truffles 1ml for 1, 8 mhl for 10

Petit fours: 50cop for one and 11mhl for 25. Gift boxes available and can be mix and matched to preference.
Red velvet
Double chocolate
Assorted fruit: Lemon, strawberry, orange, cherry

*Cheesecakes: 5mh slice whole 18mhl
Strawberry, Cherry, chocolate, Plain
(Whip or fruit topping 3mhl more)

Wedding Cakes: (includes any flavor of cake, decorations, and frosting of any flavor.)
Small (one layer) 15mhl
Medium (2 layer) 20mhl
Large (3 layer) 25mhl
Extra large (4 layers) 30mhl
Additional layers: 5 mhl each layer

Candies and Sweets -
Hard Candies assorted flavors - 3mhl per dozen
Lollipops Big 1mhl Small 05 copper
Chocolates - 5mhl a dozen
Chocolate strawberries 4 for 6mhl
Caramels - 4mhl per dozen
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Re: Tempting Confections!

Postby Sha`Ruse on Tue Sep 26, 2017 1:51 pm

Descriptions of the Tempting Confections:

A modest storefront is the first thing seen when one approaches this two-story confectionarium. A large wooden sign juts out from the front with the name Tempting Confections embossed in red lacquer. Large windows make up the majority of the exterior, covered by a large red and white striped awning to protect what is on display from the damaging sunlight. Outside of the windows are chairs and tables for those who want to enjoy the beautiful days, or just want to take a quick bite to eat. Beyond the window can be seen the baked goods and cakes arranged for sale, showcasing the talent of it's bakers and confectioners. Upon entering the establishment, the first thing one is greeted by is the smell, sweet and inviting, from the cakes that have been baked. Along the walls, lay the counters and display cases with other sweet treats that could be purchased in bulk, as well as a few more cakes, most of them are wedding cakes, that are advertised upon a rounded table in the center. Towards the back would be what looks like a counter which orders would be taken and payment received. A sign along the wall details the prices for their goods and services. Beyond through a small door would be seen the kitchen where these treats are made and brought out. Mostly hidden from view would be a set of stairs leading up to the second story which one would assume where the business side of this store resides.
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