Wayward Slave's Promise (poem)

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Wayward Slave's Promise (poem)

Postby Ubique on Sat Feb 06, 2010 4:55 am

(this poem was written by and read aloud to the crowd at the inn by Vhid`anon, entertainer)

Wayward Slave’s Promise

When little slaves are left to their own devices,
The cheeky slut's willfulness soon entices,
In a hunt to find the most well hung,
She follows the sounds others have sung,
The flirty words so screamed aloud
Lead wayward slaves to the most well endowed,
Left alone by a master, it’s ever so unwise,
For the fucktoy will find her own moral demise,
Searching high and low, through seedy bar and inn,
For one big cock and a greedy heaping of sin,
Found this day a goblin green,
Chaotic soul and heart so mean,
Body freshly covered with unhealed scars,
One eye alight with the fire of stars,
A gnarly phallus full of ridges and knobs,
Incredibly massive, unlike typical gobs,
Bouncing with glee and throwing things round the room,
The little slave waits and finally seals her doom,
She plucks at her clothes, simple and chosen,
She draws them away, her nubile body exposing
All of her secrets and the goblin enjoys each,
Suckling the young slave like a ripened peach,
Juices leaking down where legs tightly press,
His seed deep inside her, oozing out, what a mess,
And she laughs in the face of her unseen master,
Blaming him utterly for this forced-fuck disaster,
As the greedy goblin rams ahead full steam,
Making the little darkling elf slave scream,
“Don’t touch me, sir, if that is your wish,
But others will enjoy me, like an exotic dish,
And what you throw away so easily,
But keep in chains so prettily,
At least one creature debase and foul
Took an entire day of fucking to make me cum…and howl…”

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Re: Wayward Slave's Promise (poem)

Postby Phaing on Thu Feb 11, 2010 4:16 am

Ah, that was some night, eh?
Great poem, and Im glad it had the desired effect ;)

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