Crisp Autumn Day (aw)

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Crisp Autumn Day (aw)

Postby SomaliLongtail40 on Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:05 pm

The golden feline yawns as she steps out of her room at the Inn and makes her way down the hall to the stairs. She slowly makes her way down them to the bar then once there heads into the kitchen. She smiles at the troll cook who grumbles at her. She smirks thinking he needs to lighten up a bit. She makes herself some coffee to perk herself up a bit and purrs as she sips the hot dark liquid. Once awake she changes into her red apron with the black straps and fully open back to let those behind her see her back, tail, firm ass and legs. She steps out of the kitchen and looks around the room a bit then moves behind the bar and wipes it down with a damp cloth while she awaits the mornings' food and drink orders.
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