Feral Heat

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Feral Heat

Postby Rebekah on Sun Apr 06, 2014 7:40 pm

Rebekah was a female vulpine dancer. She looked around the inn, desperate for someone to at least talk to. She had been alone for months and really needed some company. She had to be wrary though... There are many men in the empire who would make her their pet. That would be unlucky she thought, but secretly... Deep down she hoped luck wasn't on her side...
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Re: Feral Heat

Postby Axiomatic on Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:14 am

An almost 5-foot, not-ridiculously-bearded, and muscular dwarf warrior entered the Inn, and sat down next to her.

Madoc looked her up and down, making no attempt to hide his interest. Of course, he thought about what it would be like holding the chain attached to a collar around her neck, making him almost smirk before ordering a drink from the "Fugly" creature (not sure if she's still called Fugly on the boards XD).

Their seats, while normally spaced, weren't far enough from each other for their arms and sides to not be brushing against each other. Madoc decided it wasn't Something he'd prefer to change, so he didnt budge, and took a long gulp of the first of many drinks.
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