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Re: Washing and Waiting (open)

Postby Ky-Kie Nightsaber on Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:18 am

She almost freaked out when he had her up against the edge of the pool but as soon as she felt his shaft against her she didn't care. She just wanted him inside her and she hated that he was teasing her. She wanted to push herself down but she couldn't really move with the chains holding her. She just wiggled a little against him hoping that he would soon be inside her.

"You better be." She hissed with a smirk. "I never am this 'open' with anyone." A shiver went down her spine when he growled and started massaging her breast. She tried to keep quiet but could not stop the moan that escape her lips as she closed her eyes. Her nipples were getting really hard and she couldn't take it anymore. More and more moans escape her mouth.

Before she could say anything back to him, she felt the chain tighten her to him and he was inside her. She let out a scream not caring who heard and clawed at his back as he went deeper and deeper in her. She didn't know if she could take all of him but it felt to good for her to care. She tried pulling him even closer as she clawed his back and bit his neck.
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Re: Washing and Waiting (open)

Postby Silas Bloodthunder on Mon Oct 31, 2011 3:28 am

His length kept on sinking further, until finally he felt like she would swallow all of him. His mind was blank, the only thing that registered was her...her form as she writhed and clawed at him, her curves and the feel of her breasts under his fingers, which he gripped harder and harder, but most of all her screams as her depths parted for his shaft, his hips powering onward until he had impaled her utterly over his length, every solid inch had had to give spearing her against the side of the pool.

He let out a low growl. He was startled to hear it; he was never so forceful! Her moans drove him harder, to withdraw the hot spike of flesh that was his cock from her ever so slightly, only to slam it all in again. His body was taking over, his chains roiling and lashing about them both in the water, tightening about her legs and spreading them wider, keeping her locked over him and within easy reach. His mouth closed around one of her rock-like nipples, sucking and teasing the hard bud with his tongue. Goddess, but she felt incredible!

His mind was reeling. The feelings of pleasure coursed through his body, until he was ravaging her, slamming and bucking his hips to hers in wild abandon, growling like a mad animal over her and letting his urges power him onward, the burning heat in his shaft growing.
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