the Far Reach

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the Far Reach

Postby Wadeywade on Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:27 pm

Wade Sat upon the roof of the distillery, looking out as more snow falls. using his ability to direct wind Wade cuts pathways through the snow to the doors of the building, clearing it and connecting it to the web of paths between the buildings, stacked in shoulder deep snow. the cold had not relented its’ grip on the world, here especially so close the the pole..

Wade hops down and takes up a spade, shovelling out the rest that a more precise hand required. once they were created the paths were easy enough to maintain, but it had been a few days since he had even been outside let alone tended anything. The scruffy-looking air mage groaned as the sun broke through for a few minutes, beaming warm bright light on the highly reflective snow. Perhaps drowning his sorrows wasn’t the most efficient method his cloudy mind could grab.

Thumping back inside once the job was done he stumbled down into the lowest level of the house, the floor of the adobe had been torn away mostly, leaving only the bedroom on stilts across a yawning chasm filled with.. stuff. in fact, it was a labyrinth of stuff, everything wade owned pretty much was packed into rows in the basement. at the end of one of these winding, twisting, zig-zagging rows is an open area big enough to be a basic living accomadations.

a wood burning stove with an extremely long chimney stands against the wall of the basement, and wade flops on his couch, picking up the bottle of whiskey and pouring himself some in the empty glass on the table. laying back he picks it up and rests it on his chest, listening...
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