Logs for teaching

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Logs for teaching

Postby Akaton on Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:24 pm

This is where i want you to post your logs for the teaching. One post per character teaching per month just edit it when you do more.

Those that are learning when you get a skill point and add it please do not post here. Message me on the MB pm or send me a fairy mail to Zully ot just shoot me a pm if im in thr channel. Ill look and verify it then catch you when you are on for the payout.

For teachers i would like logs to look like this. Note the time you spend teaching doesn't matter. Im not worried about telling you how much to RP doing it. Just use common sense. Also id like you all to post what skills you have mastered so i know what skills you have and can teach.

Example of what im looking for:

I taught (names of students) on (date) The skill of......
List skills you have mastered.

And for each skill taught to each different student do a new line like that. just so i know whos learning what and what you are teaching. On the first of each month ill figure out what each teacher is due and will do payouts when I see you online.
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Re: Logs for teaching

Postby Rebecca of Valaris on Sun Jan 28, 2018 6:26 pm

Rebecca's training log - January 2018

I taught Isso on 28 Jan 2018 The skill of Novice Horsemanship. Log available for inspection

List skills you have mastered.
Cartography (Master)
First Aid/Triage (Master)
Heraldry (Master)
Horsemanship (Master)
Scouting (Master)
Soldiering (Master)
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