WANTED: Unique Jars & Bottles / Cloth & Paper

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WANTED: Unique Jars & Bottles / Cloth & Paper

Postby Lladre on Tue Sep 12, 2017 6:58 am

Pixie on the hunt for...

...glassblowers / potters selling unique and interesting jars and bottles AND clothmakers / papermakers selling unique waxed cloth and paper:
- Pieces do not have to be "perfect" ... well, they do, but Pixies have differing views of "perfection" compared to other races.
- Happy to work with novice / apprentice craftsmen looking to practice / get rid of "test" pieces (that are still safe and functional, of course).
- Will advertise craftsman's name(s) / brand at Pixie Brew & Bubbles Kiosk and Pixie 411 Word of Mouth.
- Will pay via shinies (mhl) or bartering; craftsman's preference.

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