Diel needs a Necromancer Mentor!

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Diel needs a Necromancer Mentor!

Postby Kooky on Sat Oct 21, 2017 1:34 pm

..Or someone who is willing to teach him and put up with him.. Collar is optional!

Diel is a torian Bard that will go Bard/Mage and then Bard/Necromancer... It's a long bit away, but I'm seeking someone who would teach him the basics of things, let him learn and give him dirty work to do, like digging up graves or such.

For those who are looking for not just a willing student but potential servant as well, I am open to the idea of Diel being collared. Diel is bisexual but does lean towards males, and has a rather masochistic tendency when it comes to sexual pain. He 'can' be broken.. but he -is- a smart-mouthed jackass freedom fighter, and such should be kept in mind. He's not something that will break easily, if at all!

Mentoring is one of the few ways he'd willingly enter a collar.

If you yourself are not a necromancer but either know one or are otherwise interested in Diel, please do feel free to PM me or leave a message here. I don't mind trying to find a good fit while Diel finds his way.
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