Seeking a Mentor at the Arena

Private tutoring in skills or any other IC subject available or wanted.

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Seeking a Mentor at the Arena

Postby Sukoshi on Tue Mar 05, 2019 10:58 pm

Sukoshi is not particularly well suited to, people. Essentially an angry ball of girl after being continually rejected in her life she prefers to face others in combat. Too often lied to to her face she has found that the truth is better found in battle and has come to respect a good fight over a good conversation. After having witnessed a duel in the Arena between Ellyssa Flamewing and Menhir, her interest is piqued. Seeking a Mentor at the Arena to learn dice, the combat system, rules of the Arena, and of course how to improve her own fighting ability. i'm a newbie to dice and using Des so, essentially a blank slate. Apologies if i am posting this in the wrong place. No offense is intended.
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Re: Seeking a Mentor at the Arena

Postby The Mercenary Abby on Tue Mar 05, 2019 11:54 pm

Hi! Well, currently, the only active and official 'Mentor' who works at the Arena is my character, Abby. While she has the position of 'Physical Mentor', she's now just as well-trained when it comes to magic (ICly, she only has about two years worth of experience to really speak of). And while ICly Abby does not really have much of a fighting style of her own to teach to others (except 'Spell Hammer', which is personally suited for herself), she fought all kinds of people whose techniques and fighting styles she has adopted and adapted for herself (if not outright stole!).

I like to also consider myself well-versed with the different combat mechanics here in this game too from simple Quest Dice to Standard Combat Dice and as I have done during tournaments or the monthly events for The Works, I'm always willing to teach others the combat system. I'm pretty active online so just drop me a PM next time if you're interested!
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