The Gladiator Ranking and Tournament system.

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The Gladiator Ranking and Tournament system.

Postby Viktor Corsarris on Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:34 pm

Arena - Gladiator’s
Grand Champion - A title fought over, can be challenged at anytime, but only by fellow Champions.
Champion - 40 Single match victories, and 2 Tourney wins -Only 3 Champions can hold the title at one time.
Bloodsworn - 30 Single match Victories and 1 Tourney win - Only 5 Bloodsworn can hold the title at one time.
Gladiator - 20 Single match Victories
Fighter- 15 Single match Victories

Handicap System can be found with the Combat Template.

Tourney and Match Rules: Tournaments are open to all comers. No level requirement.

Official matches will need an overseer: Someone that knows the Handicap, and Base Life set up. And set them at the beginning of the Match. This can be an OP, Another Gladiator, Or Arena employee if it gets to that point. Message board threads will be used to track the win/loss record of each Gladiator. Title being bestowed upon them as they reach each level of ranking.

Tourney’s will be similarly followed, though as they are considered events. Each one will have more then enough witnesses. Message board will be used to track tournament winners for the Ranks of Bloodsworn, and Champion.

Official Gladiator Tourney’s

Grand Champion Tourney -

Where the Grand Champion is crowned, and or Challenged for the title. The main event itself of course is the Match for the Grand Championship, or the Match between Grand Champion and Challenger. The Tournament before the match will be the biggest of the year. All shops, Nobles, and SB himself will be invited to come watch the Tourney, and the final match. No other challenges will be allowed to be made other then that of a Champion to Grand Champion. This will only be held once a year. Arena will provide Treasure Chest of varies items for the winner of the Tourney while. The rank of Grand Champion will be decided.

Noble Champion Tourney-

Every three months, (it is my hope) A noble will choose to hold a Tourney to find a Champion. All comers allowed to enter their name into the Tourney. Noble provides the Treasure Chest for the Tourney Champion. Gladiators, and Bloodsworn meeting the requirements for ranking up may challenge higher ranks to take their title. All shops will be invited as Vendors.

Various official Money Tourney-

Smaller Tourney’s with buy ins the winner takes home the money. Any Gladiator can initiate these Tourney’s in hopes of working up the requirements to move up to the next rank. Shops can be invited, but it is up to the Managers if they will send them to such small Tournaments.

Ranking System and Challenges:

First to keep people from making random characters and joining the ranking system, to join it the character must be at least level 5. The rankings are at the beginning of this write up, and the rules for official matches are in place. I do not feel I need to repeat that. Tournament wins for fighters going for Rankings counts as an official match. An official match is counted as a win, against another level 5 or higher player, that is witnessed by, and OP, another Gladiator, or Arena employee.. If it goes that far.

Challenging the Grand Champion- There will be a three way battle between Champion’s before the Grand Champion’s Tournament. The winner of that battle will be declared the challenger to the Grand Champion. This battle will be held a week before the Tournament, and the winner will not be announced until Tournament time.

Challenging a Champion -A bloodsworn that has met the requirements of Champion, may challenge the a Champion for their title. At one of the Noble Tournaments. Champions that refuse the Challenge. Will have their title stripped. ( OOC: Reasons excluded, from that as we all know we have real lives to attend to.) Champion’s can only accept 1 challenge per Tournament, and the Challenge must be made icly. First come first serve.

Challenging a Bloodsworn- A gladiator that has met the requirements of Bloodsworn, may challenge the Bloodsworn for their title. At one of the Noble Tournaments, or one of the official money Tournaments, or and official match. Refusal means a stripping of title ect, ect. All challenges must happen Icly.


Oh yes you have a favorite Champion or Gladiator? Why not put your money where to mouth is. To skip out on odds making and the like. Simply put.. Everyone bets on the tournament winner. If two or more bet upon the same person that wins the money is split. Easy and simple.. I am not going to even attempt specific match betting. It gets annoying with the idea of odds making.. And I am no bookie. Bets can be made all the way up to the beginning of the last match of the Tournament.

This does not mean players can’t make side bets between each other. Or nobles can’t bet upon their Champions with other Nobles. The official watching the tournament will take down the bets and collect the money. The Standard bet for the winner is 50 mhl. It has to be a standard amount once again due to the difficulty of giving each person their own share.

Details of the Various official money Tournaments:

Gladiator’s can choose to organize these any time they wish, they may choose to seek a sponsor to up the value of the tournament and bring more people in. GS, MMR, giving something to the winner. For the most part these are funded on prize money though. Each gladiator pays 25-50 Mhl as entry fee. Winner takes home the pot. The more leg work the organizers do though the greater the reward may be for the winner.

Arena official should be present for all fights.

Sponsorship Rules for Gladiator Tournaments:

Various official money Tournaments

The pay in takes over for money pay-out, and for the MIOP - These are only for large Tournaments.

Sponsorship- You gain a sponsorship for every 4 Gladiators that commit to fight after the first 4.
4 - No Sponsorship
8 - 1 Sponsorship
12 - 2 Sponsorships
16 - 3 Sponsorships
20 - 4 Sponsorships
24 - 5 Sponsorships
28 - 6 Sponsorships
32 - 7 Sponsorships

Sponsorships are decided by dice. !r 1d7
1 - Free week of Massages from the Baths - Top 3
2 - Gem Pile 200 value 1st place, Charger 2nd place, 100mhl Voucher 3rd place - GS
3 - 150mhl Voucher 1st place, 100mhl Voucher, 2nd place, 50mhl Voucher 3rd place - Apoth
4 - 50mhl Voucher 1st place, 40mhl Voucher 2nd place, 30mhl Voucher 3rd place - Naked Bird
5 - 200mhl Voucher 1st place, 100mhl Voucher 2nd place, 50 mhl Voucher 3rd place - MMR
6 - 300mhl Voucher 1st place, 200mhl Voucher 2nd place, 100mhl Voucher 3rd place - SS
7 - 75mhl Voucher 1st place, 50mhl Voucher 2nd place, 25mhl Voucher 3rd place - C2C

Rolls should be witnessed by an Arena employee and or a OP.

Major Gladiator Tournaments:
Will be ran by the Arena Manager or Assistant Manager.
No Rolls required for the release of winners and the person running the Tournament is not a potential winner.
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