Arena Jobs and Requirements.

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Arena Jobs and Requirements.

Postby Viktor Corsarris on Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:44 pm

Arena and Gladiator Payroll:

Grand Champion - This position is base completely on holding the title. Every year there is a chance to lose it. Pay - 20mhl/h + Skills - No longer gets paid for Gladiator Fights.

Duties - Training gladiators, Official for Gladiator fights, Accepting the Challenge of a Champion come the Grand Champion Tournament.

4 Record Keeper/Overseers - 20mhl/h + Skills

Duties - Overseeing the fights, making sure to set the Handicap, and HP for combatants. And posting on the board the witness of victory. Of one Gladiator over another. Tournament officiating counts as a work log. Registering Gladiators.

2 Doctors/Healers - 20mhl/h + Skills

Duties - Taking care of wounded Gladiator's and Tournament entrants, Keeping the Triage center of the Arena cleaned, and ready for use.

4 Mentors - 20mhl/h + Skills

Duties - Taking time to train, in combat others of a Physical Class and Take care of the Arena itself. (Will roll into other positions once Dev work is finished)

Gladiator Fights:

Each fight is worth a total of 35 mhl. 30 for the winner, 5 for the loser. Officials post on the boards the winner and loser of each fight. Under the Gladiator’s thread, and under their own work log thread. With their witness of the fight winner, and loser.

Payouts for Gladiator’s will be managed by the Arena Manager ((Nixxle)) between the 1st and 5th of each month. With them witnessing it so there are no issue with payouts for Gladiators.

Skills used for pay modification and how to post your work logs can be found HERE.

Questions can be placed under the question thread.
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Re: Arena Jobs and Requirements.

Postby Angst on Tue Dec 16, 2014 9:36 am

This thread has been edited with the new changes. Thank you, Viktor for all your work.
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