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Description of the Arena

Postby L`aquera on Mon Mar 05, 2007 11:04 pm

From a distance, you see it. Rising over the tops of the trees, the round sparsely decorated lip of the white stone Arena you have heard mention of far and wide. As you near it, it disappears behind a copse of tall trees. It isn’t until you are nearer that you realize the vast scope of this large structure.

An arch before you, tall, wide enough for three chariots side by side to enter. The once-grand demons and dragons that guarded that entry are now all but broken by time and wear. You pass beneath their still-vigilant gaze, and into a great gladiator’s stadium!

A colossal coliseum with an open roof. The roof has walkway where archers stand and patrol at all hours of the night. but especially during crowded days.

In front of the main entrance lies a great marble statue of the mighty emperor. The inside is a very basic stone benched arena, on one side of it, 1/3 way up the benches lays the judges box, with 3 stone thrones, door of its own leading to the labyrinth of passages and rooms inside the giant arena. Guards are posted at all times there, as well as along the arena. Any trouble is dealt with accordingly, as the arena is a testament of Stormbringer's might, and is not allowed the slightest damage or some such nonsense. Since the current head of the arena is a sociopath psycho dark-elf, many servants and guards and workers tend to be slaves, fearful ones.

The fighting pit of the arena itself is normally circular, and a football field’s length from one side to the other. However, this is changeable by an arena officials will (and a few orders to some lackeys). The arena transforms into nearly anything. Magical properties and giant mechanisms allows grass to grow out of the sand, for the arena to turn into swamp land, with tiny flesh eating fish swimming around in the murky water. Shape and size are also victim to the officials will.

Beneath all of this, roars, screeches and far worse noises are heard in the middle of the night. Beneath the very arena floor, all types of every creature are kept, fed, angered so they may one day serve within the arena as fierce opponents. Some of these creatures are rare up to a degree of never having been seen by anyone for hundreds of years within the empire.

This is where you test your mettle! This is where legends are made!
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