Casual Rumors about the L'Orn d'Elamshin

Brief notes about things that are being talked about at the Inn. Not to provide OOC knowledge but events that happened in the open and which other characters could overhear as public gossip. Does not replace the newspaper.

Casual Rumors about the L'Orn d'Elamshin

Postby Kir^Trelander on Mon Jun 19, 2017 12:57 am

Though there's been no official notice posted anywhere, there is the fluttering spread of information by word of mouth from travelers and food-suppliers across the Empire about a shift in some of the Empire's business regarding a large holding that supplies much of the foodstuffs for various groups and establishments.

Sutara, long known as the Lady of the L'Orn d'Elamshin, has finally been acknowledged to have faded from public view and into her own business dealings. In her absence, her holdings had been managed quietly by her War Seneschal, Kir Trelander, and it seems such has resulted in an elevation to the long-time mercenary's rank. Seemingly to his own chagrin, but without argument from him, he's been elevated to hold a title of Lordship directly, rather than acting in stewardship. He maintains the same holding, but with his military background, there is speculation on how things will change, if it all, when it comes to the Empire's food supply.

Valara, his long-time lieutenant, serves as his Warmaster, given direct control of all things military within the House. The military side of it is experiencing drastic reorganization, based more on security, escort, and acquisition rather than a full on standing army. The priority seems to be in maintaining order of the holding and removing threats to the food supply, rather than projecting might, though there is speculation on whether either of them are capable of not flexing their iron grips.

North, a studious and less-known figure, was made into his Majordomo, handling most of the actual business affairs of the holding and maintaining a smooth and efficient operation. Whispers of this come with the proclivity of the Lord himself for the smaller races and their hidden durability, and some speculation of just how she runs the holding in relation to the Lord himself.

Several officers have been dispersed into various capacities within his inner circle, but there are new and old openings available for those who are both loyal and subservient to the Empire and eager to find steady, reliable work so long as they fulfill their obligations and duties. The military, while small, always needs those who can fit into the rough hierarchy of the House that emphasizes strength and an internal pecking order based on might, but an external unity to threats to the interests of the House. The household, much larger, actively searches for those available in daily business of a Household, as well as those skilled or wanting to learn skills in food production, hunting, cooking, and enterprises that can contribute to supply or refinement of foodstuffs.

While the Lord himself is known to be often absentee while tending to his own businesses, it's known to be a bustling household when the correct staff are found to join it.

OOC Note: The 'clan' itself remains called the L'Orn d'Elamshin in honor of the Lady who built it. However, the worktag is now -KT, it is now known as House L'Orn or House Trelander, and we'll be making a conscious shift to play content oriented around agriculture, food production, general castle living, and protecting assets vital to the empire.
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