A grand celebration in honor of Ellyssa Flamewing

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A grand celebration in honor of Ellyssa Flamewing

Postby Allie on Wed Jul 12, 2017 12:54 pm


We the former concubines of Mistress Ellyssa Flamewing would like to invite one and all to a farewell party in honor of one who was a friend to many, enemy to a few, but since her arrival always an important and cherished member of this great Empire. The event will be taking place Saturday July 22nd, 1pm Eastern (5 pm GMT) five miles west of Nanthalion in the forests that were once her home. The gathering itself will take place in the recently completed house, the details of which can be viewed here, designed by her loving concubine Theressa Annaert in accordance with the Mistress' specifications.

While her departure is indeed a cause of sadness this party is not meant to be such, a glorious and flamboyant torian as graceful as the Flamewing would want us to remember her with smiles and cheer and so we shall! We hope to see as many of you there as are able to make it, and to those that cannot all that we ask is that you remember her fondly and always with a smile for the good times that were shared.

A pleasant day to you all and we hope to see you there!
-Signed Allivia and Theressa Annaert, always her faithful servants

Transcription of the above scroll for those who understandably have issues with my poor handwriting:

You Are Cordially Invited...

To a grand party and get together to honor Ellyssa Flamewing. While the red wing was forced to leave the empire this event will not be met only with mourning but also with a grand celebration in her honor. We will remember the good times and the bad at her former estate, now in the care of one Miss Theressa Annaert, located five miles west of Nanthalion.

This event will be held on Ishday during the third week of Summerburn, at midday to continue into the evening. It will of course be catered by Callista's Vulpine Cuisine the finest culinary experts in the land and hosted by Ellyssa's former concubines Theressa and Allivia. All are invited for a pleasant evening of music, dancing, and other entertainments. So come and share your memories and stories, enjoy the fine food and drink, and sing a song in honor of one who shall be sorely missed!

Allivia and Theressa Annaert
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