Donated/Borrowed Items for HH Use

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Donated/Borrowed Items for HH Use

Postby Amethine on Mon Jan 21, 2019 9:57 pm

The list below are all the items (that I've been made aware of) that players have left in, donated to, or allowed the Healing House to make use of for an extended period of time, if you have any such items you wish to "give" to the Healing House, please send me a PM here on the message board with a log of you roleplaying out giving the items. (If that RP included myself, then you don't have to send a log, as chances are I already have it!). If you want your item back, simply do the same, send me the log of you roleplaying taking it back and I'll update this list.

Any items on this list are still owned by the players who donated them, and are technically still "in their inventory", items are not given to any member of staff (mostly because if someone leaves their horse here, we might not have the equip slots to "hold" it!).

Please bear in mind that if you seek to destroy property, you must get the item owner's OOC consent. It's up to you as the owner of your own items to keep track of them, I'm just making a list that they're in the HH!

Amethine Tawariell:

  • 7x Bird perch: 5ft tall wooden pole with a flat square base and another half-foot pole attached to the top for birds to rest on with a circular table built halfway up to enjoy snacks or toys on)
    Location: 1 in Foyer #48802, 1 in Assistant Headmistress office #48807, 1 in Headmistress office #48811, 1 in Healer Bunks room #48804, 2 in Library #48808, #48805, 1 in Kitchen#48809
  • Trading Wagon w/ attached cart. White covering, with the logo of the Healing House displayed on both sides: )
    Location: Outside next to stables #51678
  • 4xWagon Wheel
    Location: Attached to underside of HH Wagon #51675, #51676, #51677, #51674.
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