Where are all the bards?

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Where are all the bards?

Postby Akipurra on Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:13 pm

I've been around a bit - well, hanging out at the inn and all - and I'm not hearing a lot of music or seeing a lot of bards...

Is there someplace else we can meet up and shenannigate? I'm still writing the story of my travels, but I'd still like to socialize with other storytellers and songwriters.

Any competitions coming up? Festivals?

Let me know - the cat likes to have a good time!

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Re: Where are all the bards?

Postby Tehya on Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:10 pm

Hello, I play the Imperial bard and there is an event coming up and a place for us to gather IC and that rp is held in TLI-Town. All links below explain it,and I'd love to rp with you sometime.


The Book Conglomeration is a yearly event held at the Artists`Ambit which will be coming up at the end of September. I am looking for people to assist if you'd like to join us. As of now Morgam Drakwing has offered IC to help and might be fun for you to rp with.

There is also Legends where stories are posted, and a link in this forum under Creations and a challenge in viewforum.php?f=254
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Re: Where are all the bards?

Postby miyuka on Sun Aug 21, 2016 2:28 pm

Hullo, I'm Miyuka, the empire's cutest Fashionista. I'm also a bard when I'm not taking care of my responsibilities as a noble and Archmage. I don't usually play at the inn, but from time to time I do at the artists ambit, but mostly I do so at my own home for my servants at Estate Valentine. Can always ask me to join you ICly for bard related shenanigans.
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Re: Where are all the bards?

Postby Kooky on Mon Aug 22, 2016 9:53 pm

Hi, I have many bards. =D They have specialties, which have narrowed their goals and how they perform as bards. Here's a few.

Rufio - Nixie, Specialty: Storyteller
He puts on dazzling displays as he tells true tales in animated fashion. He fancies nixies best of course, and thus insists on being in his own tales, by even going to the extremes of fighting sharks just for the story of it, to be able to say he did it and have it be true.

Sammy - Wolven/Cat Cross, Specialty: Jester
Sammy is an androgynous thing that loves to jest. It can be at anyone's expense, even their own. Sammy plays the violin in upbeat resonance, works at the Siren's Call, and has a familiar, a goat named Dex that prances around mirthfully. The two are trouble makers.

Felion Padfoot - Foxcat, Specialty: Theatrical Entertainer
Felion is one of dramatic prose. All the world's a stage and he enjoys acting, citing ballads and scenes of events gone by and taking on the various roles of plays all himself. He enjoys class and elegance, the finer things in life, coming across as a snob at times.

Diel - Torian blackwing, Specialty: Songs of Battle and Dark Passion
Diel is a torian who fancies the drink. He plays a fiddle, and broadcasts his voice with displays of his wings and nimble footing as his songs ring out. His melodies range from slow and somber, creepy, to upbeat and drive, meant to be inspiring for the heat of battle, or shed light on the madness lurking within the shadows of the soul. He's laid back and easy-going with a protective, even psychotic side and a bit of a deathwish.
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Re: Where are all the bards?

Postby Adonai on Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:55 am

Also, there is Aerin as well.
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